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Recent posts by Rajkumar Katudia

William P O'Sullivan wrote:Begin Transaction




Oh I am sorry, I was not clear earlier.

Let me re-phrase.

I use the app's UI to perform Transfer Student.

The app executes the SQLs as mentioned in my OP.

My question is is there a query or some way to get the SQL's.

Something like a log table in oracle server where all the queries that were executed is stored.

What I want to do is this.

Run the business secnario through the app once.

Get the SQLs from oracle server and execute it "n" number of times to create n records.

I do not have the SQLs. It is generated by the app and executed on the DB. So, is there a way to get the querries from oracle DB?
8 years ago

Lets say I have an application for school administration.

Lets say it has the following business scenarios:
- Admit Student
- Transfer student
- Check grades
- Maintain syllabus
an so on...

Lets look at the following business scenario "Transfer student"

Lets say it accepts 3 parameters student_id, from_school, to_school

In the backend it will execute few SQL statements and do the required business change.

Let's say it run following SQLs:
SQL1 An SQL to update history or audit table,
SQL2 An SQL to add student to "to_school"
SQL3 An SQL to remove from "from_school"
SQL4 An SQL to update syllabus table
and so on...

Now, my question is how can we get the SQLs (SQL1 through SQLn) executed as part of a particular business scenario?

I need the SQLs for performance testing of my app.
8 years ago
Thanks it worked
9 years ago

MoHaNa RaO wrote:<package name="system-default" namespace="/jsps" extends="struts-default">

No that did not work

I tried both namespace="/jsps"
and namespace="jsps"

This is trivial but not many people seem to know this.
9 years ago

Matias Emanuel Serrano wrote:Hi, I'm having some troubles with my applicatin when a user is logged in and the instance is restarted. Obviously, the session don't survives the restart... but is there some way to send a message to the client (and maybe log out the client) when it's detect a server restart??

Thank you!!!

Never tried but I guess this might solve your problem

Please let us know what did you do finally to resolve this
9 years ago
The setup is working as expected just that I want to change the location of jsp file.
9 years ago
This is regarding struts 2.

I have my jsp "login.jsp" directly under context root of my web application.

I want to change the location of jsp to a folder jsps and specify the result to jsps/login.jsp.

How do I acheive this???

So, basically I want to be able to change the result tag of my action

<result name="input">login.jsp</result>
<result name="input">jsps/login.jsp</result>

If I try this, the server tells me no resource available.

Thanks in advance.

I have the following struts.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
"-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 2.0//EN"
<constant name="struts.enable.DynamicMethodInvocation" value="false" />
<constant name="struts.devMode" value="false" />
<package name="system-default" namespace="/" extends="struts-default">
<action name="LoginUser" class="bra.controller.LoginController">
<result name="input">login.jsp</result>

9 years ago
Is there no API in XMLBean that would return me a org.w3c.dom.Document directly without me doing the extraction explicitly???

I trid looking but did not find anything.

Just that if there is something already available, I dont have to worry too much else i'll have to test the custom implementation thoroughly...

Thanks for the suggestion

Hey Madhan,

Thanks for the reply Yes i did get the result as java.lang.string

I actually need an org.w3c.dom.Document object instead of the string.

I retrived the String to print it to the console.

Please help me how to get through this.

Thanks in advance.

I have data in DB and an xsd.

I am using xmlbeans to generate xmls from the above information.

Everything is fine except for the <xml-fragment> tag that get generated in the XML string.

So instead of

I get

how do I get rid of the additional tags???

Please help.

I have lost quite a lot of time working on this but no good.

Thanks in advance

Thanks alot Guys for the responses and suggestions.

I wanted to know if it is a good option to switch to "full time android developer"?

How does the future look?

Or is it good to be a better java/j2ee developer?

I mean would you advise me to invest time, effort and money in becoming an android developer or improve my skills as JAVA/J2EE developer?
10 years ago

I am writing an application using java technology.

Its a web application.

A social networking web site.

Need advice regarding its security?

What aspects do I need to keep in mind? A secured URL is just to encrypt the communication between client (browser) and server. What other aspects like security against cross site scripting, SQL Injection do I need to take into consideration while designing the application?

10 years ago

I am a JAVA developer based out of Bangalore. I have 6 yrs of experience in java/j2ee development. I was just wondering about android and its future. Would it be a good choice as a career?

How about learning curve? how long I might take to learn it? How easy would it be for a regular java/j2ee developer to switch over to andriod? How about the pay package? Should I know Android before hand or would companies be ready to hire and train me?

Any other similar/related information is welcome.
10 years ago
Hey Gurus,

If I want to consume a webservice from javascript(specifically dojo toolkit), I cant use POST request.

If POST cannot be used, the request size would be small.

How do I get across this???

Any Ideas suggestions???

If i consume the same web service through java, I can pass very big objects as XMLDocument objects, How do I acheive the same thing through Javascript?

Please advise.

Rajkumar V
10 years ago