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Recent posts by ramkumar rengarajan

I have tried my above code on Tomcat container.

It is behaving as per JSP spec unlike Websphere.

We do not have the below statement for the my given code on Tomcat container.

org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspRuntimeLibrary.introspecthelper(pageContext.findAttribute("person1"), "name", "Fred", null, null, false);

So, the container used by Websphere behaves differently in this case.

Not sure why? can anybody investigate this?

But when I implement the below code in Websphere and test, it prints

Name is: Fred

According to JSP spec, the body will not get execute and it should have printed Name is: Evan.

I have checked the generated servlet code (see below).

foo.Employee person1 = null;

synchronized (request) {

person1 = (foo.Employee) pageContext.getAttribute("person1", PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE);

if (person1 == null) {

throw new java.lang.InstantiationException("bean person1 not found within scope");



org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspRuntimeLibrary.introspecthelper(pageContext.findAttribute("person1"), "name", "Fred", null, null, false);



It is showing the code for setting the name as “Fred” which means body gets executed and able to see the output as Name is: Fred

In other words, the code for setting the name as “Fred” should not execute.

Please explain what went wrong or if I have misunderstood the concept.
Hi all,

In my DOM (Document) object, I have an element called bodyHeader1 and its value is <b><i>Overview</i></b>. In my XSL, I am formatting HTML tags into FO thru <xsl:apply-templates select="bodyHeader1" />

For example If the node is b, then call b matching template as below.

<xsl:template match="b">
<fo:inline font-weight="bold">
<xsl:apply-templates select="*|text()"/>

But what is happening is transformer transforms these angle brackets (<,>) into (&lt; &gt;) which leads to not matching the respective template and apply formatting objects. I came to know this is happening by producing FO file.

I have used HTML to Formatting Objects (FO) conversion guide

How would I accomplish matching the respective template and apply formatting objects?

Thanks in advance.
I am having a database which has content like footer, footnotes and disclaimer. content can have HTML entities such as † and ANSI code so that browser is able to interpert and format accordingly. We are pulling the same content for display in web page as well as in PDF. But our PDF render process fails to display since HTML entities and ANSI code are browser-specific and not PDF-specific. How to convert these HTML entities and ANSI code so that to display the same symbol in PDF?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.