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Recent posts by Lila Fowler

Hi all, it seems that I didn't articulated my question very well:

below is the original section of code:

This causes the out of bounds exception on all the rows in the table - irelevant of which row I try to delete.
I believe this is caused because of the return I am forced to provide -  as the param I am passing has technically been  deleted > hence out of bounds?

In order to by pass this initial issue > I tried to minus one from the initial array so the return is still valid. This does work until you get to the last line,
thereby causing the same issue as above.  -- But in this case only in the last row instead of every row.

param = rowToDelete //yes this would be a better variable name.

Hope this makes more sense?

4 years ago
Hi All,

I am trying to delete a table row "on-action" using a checkbox from a dynamically created table.  The problem I am having is that a callback is required when I adding the listener.
But because I am deleting the row on said action, and the the callback requires a return, it throws and out of bounds -1 exception. (* at least this is what i think is happening)

I found a workaround as long as I am not deleting the last available row in the table - but the exception occurs again on the last row.
Additionally I don't think its the correct way to use it.

This question is similar but unresolved:

Below is the code where I'm adding the callback:


Exception in thread "JavaFX Application Thread" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
at java.util.ArrayList.elementData(
at java.util.ArrayList.get(
at com.sun.javafx.collections.ObservableListWrapper.get(
at offlinepos.dairibord.DairibordSaleScreenController$
at offlinepos.dairibord.DairibordSaleScreenController$
at javafx.scene.control.cell.CheckBoxTableCell.getSelectedProperty(
at javafx.scene.control.cell.CheckBoxTableCell.updateItem(
at javafx.scene.control.TableCell.updateItem(
at javafx.scene.control.TableCell.layoutChildren(

An additional side effect to this is that when I try add the row again nothing appears on the screen -- even though my totals recalculate correctly.
So the information is there, but doesn't show onscreen. > .setVisible() does nothing to help with this.

I hope the above makes sense.  Any ideas on what I could to do to resolve this?
4 years ago
Hi John,

Sorry you 100% right it does work, I was running it with blank items (wishful thinking...)


Thanks again!
5 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion John, but still no luck

I didn't think it would matter but while I was testing that I also decided to try:

At this point I'm thinking I could try styling a panel to look like a menu bar and adding clickable labels or buttons, and only having a menubar for the dropdown options...
But i'm finding it really difficult to believe there isn't a simple solution that already exists for this.
5 years ago
Good day,

I did do a search for this topic before I decided to post - but I have not been able to find the solution I am after. Currently I am creating a simple program using: (functionality), (action handling), fxmllayout.fxml(all components and layout) and styling.css(styling).

In the fxml I have added a MenuBar that has three menu items, but only one of those has an extended menu belonging to it:

onAction functionality is available(theoretically?) for both the Menu and MenuItem, yet the action is only picked-up/works when it is called from the MenuItem. For this test I am simply calling the same action, but even when I created separate actions the some thing occurs. I can't seem to figure out what I am doing incorrectly.

controller code:

Based on the below post(from 2012) it looks likes I could force an action/listen event to happen - but I feel this would defeat the purpose of using fxml in the first place.

Any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong?

5 years ago
Hi all,

I am trying to access a database using java script but I keep getting the following error:

"The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context."

I am using the same code in a different area of the code and it works perfectly there. Any ideas as
to why it would work in one section of the javascript and not in the other?

The log method literally generates a log file. // Not applicable in this case as returnErrors is set to false - same as above changed the variable to better illustrate the different vars.

I will post the code used all three methods to better illustrate. I normally try to keep the code minimal so that there isn't tons of reading to do, so sorry bout this.

First method -- picks up the variables the user enters

Second method -- goes in here to compile the url needed by clickatall

In the next method the HttpRequest is actually sent to clickatell and a session id is returned

Any ideas?
9 years ago
The reason for that is because I don't want to post my real username
and real password online thereby letting the any unauthorized person
send sms's that I am paying for.
9 years ago
Thanks Guillaume,

But I am registered with clickatell and have more then 500 credits available.
My messages are sending without a problem and I am picking up the
session id's, which I am printing out as below.

SEVERE: Orig resM7:ID: d7c46b9f048e42411716ed786b427f62

My problem comes in when I try and pass the response back to the original method
that I used to call the compileSmsUrl() it returns a static variable fine but not a dynamic one.

Thanks for the help.
9 years ago
Sorry for the error, but I was editing it on Java Ranch just to illustrate the difference better,
and forgot to edit the variable. Sorry about that, I will edit and correct this. Thanks Guillaume Jourdan

But if you look at my result returned, you will notice different variables print out.

SEVERE: Orig resM7: ID: d44f624a5276e43da51ab85060955c3a //dynamic
SEVERE: M7:ID: ab98e7c5d8bdf74cd41f96bcab80fdfd //static

//Correction line 15

My problem is still the same as the above, a result is returned and printed out but
at the end of the method returns nothing.

Thanks for the help
9 years ago
Hi guys,

I am testing a web service and have come across a strange problem,
In a specific method if I return a static result eg: return = "random value here";
it displays the result on the screen without any errors/issues. The moment I set
it to a variable that is returned even if I add a +"" or .toString(); it throws me an error.

Here is my code:

Here is a printout of the server when using a static var:

INFO: Invoking wsimport with http://localhost:8080/SmsService/SmsService?WSDL
INFO: wsimport successful
SEVERE: cell:0835707641
SEVERE: message:testing
SEVERE: confirmdelivery:false
SEVERE: errorlog:false
SEVERE: You still have more then 50 credits
SEVERE: Orig resM7: ID: d44f624a5276e43da51ab85060955c3a
SEVERE: M7:ID: ab98e7c5d8bdf74cd41f96bcab80fdfd

I have attached the screenshots of both the static and dynamic results.

NB*? -- I should add though that when I try to copy and past the the original
printed value from the glassfish server output i get the following resut:

SEVERE: Orig resM7:

I think this may be the reason that I receive a null pointer, but am very confused
as to why it prints out if this is the case, and how I should resolve it.

Any suggestions?

9 years ago
Thanks Jesper,

I'v done more research and have create the a program that I can access locally using the following url:


I can access this from another pc replacing the local host with an ip address but when I try use js/html
it hits the glassfish server but does not process the method and returns undefined.

Is there something I am missing in this process? I have downloaded the file and my
html code looks as follows:

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
9 years ago
Thanks Jesper,

But a web form still requires the user to to physically
connect to the webpage enter a the number and message.

Let me try and explain a bit more clearly.

If a user is logged in to SAP he should without leaving SAP be
able to enter a transaction code, enter a cell and message and hit send.

At the same time a user is logged into a html/js based kiosk,
requests a voucher code to be sent to his cell, enters his cell and
message and presses send.

Parallel to that a user decides to enter a competition of a tab/cell
enters his cell and message and presses send.

Each of these sms should call the sms engine without having to leave
the current application/webpage/SAP instance that the user is currently

Would it be possible to maybe have a glassfish server call passing the
parameters and then getting those parameters from java?

9 years ago
Hi all,

My employer has requested an sms engine via clickatell (currently working in standard edition java),
but he is looking for a single solution where the cell number and the message can be passed to
the program remotely, from a cellphone, webpage, SAP program or tablet. My initial idea was to create
an applet/webpage where the user can connect and enter the cell number and message and press send.
The application would then send the message, but they do not want to use it this way. They basically want
to call the same java method(sitting on a server) in the background irrelevant of device and
without installing a separate java runtime on each device.

a) Is it possible to do this without using different sdks/jre (SE, EE, ME..)
b) Is it possible to pass parameters remotely into a the application?

Thanks for the help/suggestions.
9 years ago