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Recent posts by vik ar

I am having troubling implementing soap over jms on Jboss AS7.

My wsdl is as follows

server side spring config:

When I fire off a soap message at the queue I get the following stack trace with the warning happening repeatedly until I kill JBOSS

Hi. I am looking into soap over jms. My query is does the client have to be a java implementation?
any ideas??? i am using spring 2.5.6, log4j 1.2.16, hibernate 3.2.6ga and Websphere App Server 7
already tried that - no luck. according to log4j docs loggers inherit from the root so dont need to specify appender hence the reason why i removed it

ntumba lobo wrote:you need to make sure that either your file is named and is present at the root of your classpath with log4j jar in the classpath as well.
Or if you name it differently you need to load the file with a configurer caling your specific name

My application is able to output to the test.log file. Its just the hibernate output which is not being displayed in test.log
I am trying to output the sql which hibernate generates in my application to my log4j appender as follows:

1. I am not seeing any output in test.log from hibernate
2. In system.out log I am not seeing the actual parameter value:

I am using Spring. My appContext.xml is as follows

Ed Thompson wrote:YES! After 3 days, I finally got it to work! What a pain!!! (The IBM doc is scattered all over the place. Never seems to be a place for one stop shopping)

I had to bind the reference in the web.xml file. Under RAD7 that meant:

1) From the deployment descriptor references tab, add a WebSphere binding of jms/MyConnectionFactory.

2) At first blush, this only added an id to what I had before:

However, buried in ibm-web-bnd.xmi is where the dots get connected:

In the code I had to change the lookups from "jms/MyConnectionFactoryRef" to "jms/MyConnectionFactory". I also had to change the code in the servlet from looking up a Destination to looking up the queue.

The outstanding question? Did I break a best practice by removing 'Ref' and Destination, or is this a necessity of Writing to the queue from a servlet instead of an EJB?

Also, this was not real intuitive - how would I have known to do this? How would i have done this manually had I not been working in RAD?


What is the xmi:id="WebAppBinding_1193169214386" for???
however after doing through console there must be some file within websphere which gets changed?
10 years ago
Hi. I know how to create a jms connection factory and queue in weblogic - i just plonk a xml file (with root element <weblogic-jms>) in domains/domainname/config/jms. Is there anything similar in websphere or does it have to be done via console?
10 years ago
any ideas on what I may have done wrong?
11 years ago
Hi I have followed the guide ActiveMQ for configuring active mq in websphere app server 7.0. I have the following main app

When I execute this I get the exception

Any ideas? I'm not sure if ActiveMQ has been setup correctly in websphere. The following is the output from dumpNamespace.bat
11 years ago
Hi I have successfully developed a ant script which converts wsdl to java. Now I am trying to do the same using maven with the following pom.xml:

When I execute mvn clean package on this pom the build is successfull but no java objects are created??? Below is the build output and the parent pom for reference

11 years ago
problem solved. thread closed
11 years ago
Hi. I have installed maven and configured settings.xml to include <localRepository>C:\mavenRepos</localRepository>. In cmd I type mvn -version and get following

Now in cmd when I navigate to my eclipse workspace and type mvn archetype:generate I get following

Any ideas?
11 years ago
i am also trying to debug weblogic 9.2 from eclipse where weblogic is running on a remote server. i have successfully managed to debug when weblogic is running on the same server as eclipse by modifying setDomainEnv.cmd. i simply added the following line:
but when i do the same on the remote server weblogic does not start up in debug mode. i have checked netstat and nothing is listening on port 8453. any ideas?
The following points are worth noting:
  • in setDomainEnv.cmd PRODUCTION_MODE is set to true on the remote server
  • I am able to debug tomcat which is also running on the remote server
  • Thanks

    11 years ago