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Recent posts by kalet fotezu

Hey, I am having hard time with jaxb...
I have quite advanced structure of Beans (logicbeans), that are using other beans (persistencebeans), so there are generally no properties in logicbeans. (logicbeans are the ones iI need to transform). Additionally logicbeans base on interfaces and use interfaces and have big inheritance tree . Logic beans are "done", but luckily I can modify them, but not too much (best if only by adding jaxb annotations).

First problem was, that jaxb needed an no arg constructor. For now i made a mock constructor, but I expected, that it will be possible simply to write own ObjectFactory, where I will by myself create these object (also quite complicated thing, but not for now). So it is possible to avoid this noarg argument?

Second, much worse at this point, after I reduced amount of jaxb error by creating no arg constructors, now i see this:

logicbeans.InternalContentLogicBeanFactory is an interface, and JAXB can't handle interfaces.

I don't want jaxb to do anything with that, in one of inherited classes I have this:

Putting there XmlTransient doesnt help...

Any ideas?
Pete, you are a god Thank you very much!

Swing (partially) rocks
14 years ago
Hey again, here is the boxed problem.
Play with resizing the window, see how big the tree are.
Can you see where the problem is?

14 years ago
I manage the layout "by hand", i calculate the positions and sizes basing on JFrame size. I know its not good solution ;)

Of course jtree goes inside scrollpane.

I think the point of the problem in my case is, that maybe the size of a jtree seen by scrollpane is 0x0 or 1x1 (thats how it is displayed when I don't mess with tree size). And even when I change the size and see the result (so i see the tree), scrollpane still thinks it is very small and doesn't show scrolbars. But why and how to change it...

I will try to prepare a working example
14 years ago
does anvbody have an idea, why my JScrollPane doesn't work? I put inside it a JTree, and there is no scrollbars when it doesn't fit.
I specify the big size of a tree:

I noticed, that when I remove the sizing commands from tree1, it takes size of 1 pixel then.
I use no layout manager, don't set the look and feel.
Any ideas?

Swing doesn't rock...
14 years ago