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Recent posts by Harsh Pensi

Is a hashCode method which returns unique value for every object the most efficient one?

If yes, why? As per my understanding, if hashCode returns unique value for every object, then to find the appropriate bucket we have to compare the hashCode with that of every other object and this will give an O(n) time.
Thankyou Bert. For writing the book and for the wishes. Honoured
Thanks everyone.
13 years ago
Study material used : HFSJ 2nd edition
Love the book, its sufficient for this exam.
Time to party!
13 years ago
Hi All
I had prepared some notes for Collection Framework API which might help you in your preparation.
See the url : Collection Framework API notes

Bobby Chang wrote:Is it hard to achieve? I plan to read SCJP SE6 study guide by Richard F. Raposa 10 times. Is that enough?


It is not that hard to achieve. I havent read the mentioned book but reading one book 10 times will not assure you a 100% score. Either include coding programs in the preparation or if you just want to read, I'd rather suggest reading 5 different books twice each

J Westland wrote:
@Harsh Pensi haha you say just go for it?

Yes definitely. And even more positively since you've got a free retry.
Here in India we dont get a free retake. I wonder why that is so.

J Westland wrote:
I am getting so fedup studying for the SCJP after still getting scores of 50-60% on the book quizzes after months.

Give the main exam now, will ya!

Pooja Sinha wrote:Is there any way to access a variable outside a class which has been declared as private static (inside a class)?

If there was, what would be the meaning of declaring the variable private?
And what was the hurry?
14 years ago
The difference between the two versions is not much. Is your exam date flexible? If not, stay cool and go ahead with 310-055.
Thanks a ton Devaka. And yeah, your ExamLab is a great piece of work
Thanks VKB.
14 years ago

But i see that even the subclasses of the subclass cannot access the protected member being accessed by child.

This member cannot be accessed directly i.e. by using a reference of the class that defines it or the subclass. But it can be accessed in subclasses of the subclass only through inheritance.
Thanks a lot
14 years ago
Never heard of such questions being asked. Atleast I wasnt asked such stuff.