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Recent posts by vikas malviya

Paul Sturrock wrote:What do you mean by "junk characters"? What did you expect and what actually happened?

Thanks for reading the post,abt the Junk values, details are as follows

Technologies Used
Language:Java jdk1.5
DB:Oracle 10g

1.Data is been inserted from the Front End(Java) interface is provided to the user to upload the excel file,whose data is been read from the java aplication and then stores the data to the database.
3.nw when we see the data in the database,then junk values are there with the existing data..not only that when we fire a query to find the data in the db for that particular column..then SQL Developer tool gets Hangs Up.
4.The Junk values which we figured out from the table is like (?,and the oppsite sign of ? and reverse of ?)

guys if you hv faced ny similar issues and hv come up with the solution,please let me its a retail sector......uploading done quite on regular bases to upload the products.

Vikas Malviya
Hi all,

I m inserting the data into the table from the excel file,but when i checked the table some junk characters are displayed in the fields.

please let me know if anyone has faced the same issue.

Vikas Malviya
Hi everyone,

can anyone tell me what is the market value of ATG framework and ATG developer??

Vikas Malviya
Hi Guys,
Myself Vikas Malviya working on seam framework,the tools which i am using are
>seam 2.1
>Netbeans 6.8

As i new to seam can anyone suggest me how to integrate seam with jboss and netbeans,i have already tried using seam plugins but it seems not working properly.

please if possible explain with example the seam2.1 using Netbeans 6.8.

Thanks in advance.

Vikas Malviya
Myself Vikas Malviya actually i am new to seam framework ,so please can anyone tell me how to use Seam2.1 using Netbeans 6.8,
if possible please example with the example.

i have tried using seam plugins and jboss but it seems not working properly.

Thanks in advance

Vikas Malviya
13 years ago
Hello everyone...

i am the beginner in struts and want to do the database connectivity with ms-sql,
i want to do the simple 4 operations Select,Insert,Update,Delete.

but i read that we can connect the database by using jndi,so please can anyone provide me the details about the struts-database connectivity with simple example,please also suggest me books for it.

Thanks in advance.

Vikas Malviya
The thing deployed application does is, it allows the user of the web-app to create a folder on the server with a name of his/her choice and upload his/her files into that folder. Here is what I am getting as Exception

Caught Exception: access denied ( /var/chroot/home/content/b/r/i/bringlifeto/html/MyDemoDirApp/demodir/testdir write)

Can any body explain me this issue and provide me a correct way to implement it.

Vikas Malviya
14 years ago
Hello all

i wanted to make a directory in the server(Apache),i had already tested locally where i was succesfull,but application is not working after i uploaded the file in the server,the details are as follows
created a small application which create the directory of images.
the method uses for the getting the path is
now my question is does using this method can we get the path from the apache server and if not how can i found the path of mine file?

thanks in advanced.
14 years ago
is it necessary to include any of the below jar files in the classpath

1.rt.jar ,tools.jar,dt.jar

2.what is the use of these jar files???

Vikas Malviya
14 years ago

how to enable java in godaddy server,actually i have created small application in java and tested it locally,but when i tried to run the same application in godaddy server the output is not produce by the server ,den i made simple jsp program as

<h1>first page</h1>

and saved it as new.jsp and tries to run it but i get the strange output..i.e the code itself as output.

i have already posted my queries in godaddys server but i need the answers ASAP.

so,can anyone tellme what is wrong in that,and give the solution to my queries.

1.where can we find the webapps folder in godaddy server? to enable java in my hosting account?
3.can i have access to the webapps folder of godaddy server?

Vikas Malviya

14 years ago

Ankit Garg wrote:If you set the hash, the hash symbol will be there. if you want to remove that, that will be like changing the url which will refresh your page. What do you basically want to achieve??

actuallly i have created a website in which all the data are store in index homepage,aboutus,contact ..and i fetched the data using ajax.since i am fetching the data through ajax the url is not changing..but i wanted to change the url without refreshing the page means as we click on aboutus the ajax will bring the page but at the same time the url should change to ABOUT US there any way ??

i have certain buttons on simple html page...nw i want to change the url on click over each button without refreshing the page...i.e the page should remain same only the url gets change.

actually i tried it by javascript using parent.location.hash and even the result which i get is perfect the only issue is that hash comes with the url.
consider an home page is

nw if i am using parent.location.hash="sitename/testingsite"

then the url changes to

nw the only issue is # i want to remove hash from that url ,please suggest me.
Hi...well i do not have much experience in java programming so any can tell me what type of driver is[b] com.mysql.jdbc.Driver[/b]

is it come with mysql i.e its gets installed with mysql??

from where can we download it??

i have to create an application in which two servers are two be connected.consider an example of login page in which all the details of login page are store in server1 and i have to store the data in another server i.e server2.....the main thing is thet both servers are in different locations.

server1 is in india and server2 is in US.

1.code for the connection of server1 to server2.

2. how to send data from server1 to server2.


Vikas Malviya
14 years ago