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Recent posts by Tanmoy Dhara

The cost of the device, which started from 24000 INR is down to around 14000INR, that tells about it's sales figures.

I heard it otherway around..it is Nokia's best selling mobile phone alongwith E63 or E61(i don't remember clearly) for 2009 despite the fact that there was some problem with sound initially.

I bought 5800 on 10th nov..i found its UI is pretty lame in front of my 1.5 year old itouch..but once you are over with it rest are very good.

About music quality, its sennheiser headphone (comes free with the pack) is best..the built-in speaker is a bit..well,quality is very good,but not lud enough..my 3000 rupees SE phone that i use as a back-up is louder.

I short listed n79, 6700 classic , samsung touchwiz and 5800xm and after a week of going through a lot of details i bought 5800.

1 pet peeve : the battery drains out like nothing i had seen before, in 20 hours or so..but can't tell you if its my phones battery or the 5800 batteries in general that has this problem

14 years ago
Turned 23 today.

Well, 8-9 years back , i used to wait for this day eagerly..now it feels like i am losing my wonder years pretty fast....no big thing , my life is going like a perfect linear graph .

So, now that i have decided i am going to start a social revolution.... it will take some time , since i will be working on revolution on week-ends.

But i can't decide the topic - racism , sexism, communism , patriotism ... seems that there had been too many people who felt unhappy on their 24th birthday too.

Any topic comes to your mind(don't worry, i will spare you one line in my auto-biography which will be sold in millions )?
14 years ago
is it just me who liked the hindi one more (mumbai mere jaan) ?

may be i have muliple personality disorder
14 years ago
i really don't know (if it is not 'inspired', then we will have to restructure the principle theories of psychology,behavioural science,probablity ), but i saw the making of the movie on TV , and the biggest thing about the movie is the make over of Amitabh Bacchan into a school kid , and that has been done by international artists.I think its ok, we just outsource the creative part , we still do the rest in our own 'desi' way.

its not just exclusive for bollywood . From ISRO,DRDO to all R&Ds , this copycat thing goes on. Have you seen how media channels were shouting that 'Chandrayan has found the water on the moon' while the probe was from NASA.

Am i bashing my own country? no, i love it very much..but i find our media very very irritating . I can live without giving a damn about politicians , actors , but i have to watch news channels , and for 70% of the time they drive me crazy.
14 years ago
shocked ??? i thought it has been constitutionalized.

the good news is that previously they used to copy only hollywood songs, movies,costumes,styles etc. Now they do it from different parts of the world like korea, thiland ,egypt, middle-east. So who needs national geographic?

Its unbelievable to see how billions of rupees are invested behind movies that are either frame by frame copied or have no substance ( or both).

forget hollywood , even if you compare our movies with iran's movies , and you will understand how creative a low budget irani movie can be and how worthless a big budget bollywood movie can be.

PS keep your fingers crossed for PAA

14 years ago
As from what Mr Jetmalani ( a noted lawyer) said ,it seems to be a strong case (who would have thought of that).

I think if some apparently ridiculous act brings you 1 million rupees( or even 10% of that) , i wouldn't mind doing that..and he is using the loopholes of our constitution..the guy is a GENIUS

Only thing bothers me is his choice of words as he described his 'attempts to seduce his maid'. He should have refrained from exhibiting such blatant obscenity.

Now at the least he can buy a TATA NANO car, or deposit the money in a bank and...

i am thinking of suing cadbury..they don't write warnings for tooth decay on the envelope ..and i have amalgam feeling in one tooth....yeee (here i am coming iphone 3gs )
14 years ago
yesterday i saw an abstruct gd topic ...titled " if sea water loses its salt, where would you do it?"

since i found it on internet, i can not confirm if it is an authentic one or not.

i would really love to hear your views,imaginations on the afforesaid topic
14 years ago
A bit odd for my, because Tanmoy dhara is not my real name. (and i ask to myself why this name struck my mind, specially the surname,but who knows) any way it means engrossed absorbed.

My real name consists of 3 words.
meaning of the first - Bright, Illuminated (sanskrit & bengali)
second- after a Hindu god
3rd -in bengali it means lion (in sanskrit as well)

can you guess???
14 years ago
Well it feels bad to know after 4 years of pursuing an engineering degree ,i will not be recognized as an engineer (at least in US ).
And after all the six sigma and other solemn arguments , i thank god that He had put you all in the place where you belong, in the fields of academics , so that we are fortunate enough to have mentors like you who guide us in outstanding ways.

I can not imagine the faces of those metallica fans ,standing dumbfounded , when ,before starting the song ,in the introduction you would have brought in Socrates and explained the socio-economic relevance of song with a touch of Freud's complex psychological theory.

god save metallica
14 years ago
I posted my query regarding the certmanager some days back...the earth moved , but ranchers didn't (except for tsang).

I took the exam on 30th of september. 2 days later i received a mail ,from where i registerd in sun certification database and got an id in certmanager database.

I requested for the logo 3-4 days ago, but received a mail on the following day informing me "Our records show that you have not certified for your Programmer logo"

and now that i am checking my certification progress in certmanager database , i am seeing " Status Enrolled Certified Expires "

I am not panicked , but i want to know if it is natural to have this problem after 17 days of passing the exam.

I don't know what went wrong when i asked it in the previous post , but if you think this question is too silly to be answered , please let me know .
14 years ago

There is no Engineering in software

Then why people call it software engineering? To make it sound better?

Inflate a balloon a attach it to an airplane. Letting off the air would obviously push the airplane forward wouldn't it?

Hmm you are our version of Jules Verne
14 years ago

I wanted to be a chased storm

You are good with words . How is the storm now ?
14 years ago
I wanted to be a strom chaser ( when i was 14 and read an article on them in National Geographic magazine about chasing tornadoes) or a scientist working in NASA

what about you ?
you wanted to be a programmer? or a musician or film star or anything else ?
14 years ago
oye muse , beware of the bartenders .

big brother is watching you (making any of this 2 faces)

next time write "oh, excerement man typo error "

14 years ago
I always wanted to burn fire crackers that make sound....every year my friends give me loads of those things (sound crackers are illegal here ) hoping that i will start this time.But i end up with burning harmless ones and taking picture of my family members burning my patakas

This year, i am going to burst patakas on my own...i am gonna do this. i am 22 and i can do this.yeahhhhh

oh , forgot to say happy diwali (also those who live in west bengal, happy kali pujo)
14 years ago