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Recent posts by Aditya Kanitkar

I've already added few jar files... But right now, I'm getting this error...

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jfree/data/general/Dataset

After searching that jar file... I downloaded and put jfreechart-0.9.19.jar this file in my WebContent/WEB-INF/lib folder....

Any idea about this...
10 years ago


I want to implement iReport from Struts action...

I have got some code... But there is some problem...

Anyone has some idea about this....

Something like this....

10 years ago
Any idea about this....
10 years ago
Yes. I think , 3rd option is partially correct in my situation.

Actually, its a framework based application, And it might not be getting appropriate
parameters to login in to, besides Login name and password. So its getting redirected to login page and responding it to me with login page source.

I had some other way around idea. I'm almost sure its not possible but just asking...

Is it possible if we can invoke a click event in Java??, and the button of which the click
event is to be fired, is in a JSP..... Is it possible in any other way (through java)....???
10 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:what would be best is that the application watches the XML file and reloads it on its own, if that is what the application requires.
you could add the file to the context watch list, but when that sees a change it would redeploy (and reload) the file but bouncing the context may not be the most elegant solution.

@David O'Meara : Should it be added into web.xml or struts-config.xml?

10 years ago
The given code is understandable, but its not making the login happen...

It is responding with source code having Login page contents instead of Home Page.
10 years ago

I want to Login into a website through a java code.

I found out some thread like this

It uses HttpURLConnection in package.....

It can fetch response from the URL when we give User Name & Password to it.

But i'm not able to get proper response i.e.

Instead of getting Home Page source , I'm getting the source of Login Page from that response.

I need to get proper response..

Please refer to that link....

Here is some part of the code....

10 years ago
When you write like this

String some= Some_String + Some_Other_String;

The (+) symbol will CONCATENATE any value or null in the given strings.

As your both strings have NULL assigned to it. It'll just return null and append
it with previous string.
10 years ago
Are you having the following pattern of contents in your file...???

If yes, then go ahead using this pattern...?? And explain your requirement....

If no , then put some sample data file of which you want to upload data....
10 years ago
Now its looking neat....
10 years ago
No, I haven't implemented serializable to my POJO.... But is it mandatory that the class MUST be implemented with Serializable interface...??

I also have some other POJO's which have been set in Session attribute as List of POJO objects.... But only one of my class gives this exception....
10 years ago

I've a POJO of which i create an ArrayList<myPOJO>

I'm storing it in a session attribute my ArrayList<myPOJO>

Considering above scenario....

Rarely, i get NotSerializableException refering to myclass i.e. myPOJO

Is it related to following.....?

Aditya Kanitar.
10 years ago
Thank god... Problem has been resolved now...

Thank you Guys....

It was related to, the way objects were declared.....

10 years ago

Duc Vo wrote:Alright, do you use static variables anywhere in the class MyClass?
How did you pass parameters to myObj? particularly the getMyMap() method? Your sample code doesn't show how that method provides you different Map objects for different users.
Is this a real code or just an abstract code?

And i had some static var i.e. some collections like arraylist and maps...

Now i've removed it....

Still its not working....

And yes, its a real code... The data we bring over here is dependent on login name

I get that login name in myClass...

But, I think that is not related to this problem....
It gets appropriate user....
10 years ago

Duc Vo wrote:Lol, that's funny. You didn't have any problem with your original code in term of accessing the session scope. Two things:
1. How did you create the myObj object? Is it a new instance everytime a user logs in? Or is it created when the application starts?
2. How did you test the two sessions scenario? From 2 browser windows on the same machine or from two different machines?

There was one issue...

Now i've declared myObj like this

But, still problem persists and scenario is like this

Two user logs in separate machines

And still same problem is happening.

Currently, i have not modified the attribute names....

10 years ago