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Recent posts by Roldan Baldo

Hi, sorry for reviving this old thread, but I've got a similar problem with this, and to avoid double posting.

I also have problem in printing, I use

but the printer print some code/text like
%%BoundingBox: 17 19 595 773
%%Pages: 1
%%BegingFeature: *InputSlot Upper
2 dict up /PageSize [612 792] put dup /ImagingBox null put setpagedevice
%%Page: 1 1
%%BeginDocument: nondsc
Hello World

I just wanted to print the "Hello World", how will I eliminate the unwanted text in the output? is there something in my code?

My printer is ESC/POS
Model P06-P
My platform: Mac OS 10.8.2

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
10 years ago
What I want is, I want to establish a server that can handle VoIP and can response to clients(mobile phone) request, and I will create an Android application/Java SE client, and then those client can communicate each other, can call with/without video, also can forward SMS to each other.

Theres also an instance that if a client will inquire/call a certain number(this could be in server side), a voice response will let him choose his option, press 1 for inquiry of grade(maybe this is in audio response), press 2 for inquiry of balance(maybe this is an audio response).

First, I have no idea if I will have to install another service of Apache.
Second, can Apache Mina can handle all of that?

Could someone explain/guide me to what should I do in order to perform my objective?

any reply would be much appreciated.

12 years ago
thank you for the reply, yeah, i looked it in the internet. I will have a hard time in this. XD
12 years ago
That could explain your problem, contact the facebook's developer, but you can still get the users list that you mean, you will have to examine the backend of the page in the client side, how the data works in there.
12 years ago
what API in java that can detect a wi-fi? and be able to login.

any help would be much appreciated.

12 years ago
in package client: i have a class
Client extends Thread
ClientHandler extends Thread
in package GUI: i have all the GUI that I will be using,

I separated the GUI frames because i dont want to mess with the package client classes. Frames is,
ClientGUI extends JFrame
Button btn = new Button("Send Message"); // Just for showing the button

First, i will run the ClientGUI, and created an instance of Client. Connecting in the server is easy because I will make
an instance of Client from package client. Now the problem is when i want to send message to the server is through
the "Send Message" button, but the method i want to call is in the ClientHandler. I can't just declare a new instance of
ClientHandler, because i already did that inside Client Class. How will I access the method inside ClientHandler w/o
creating new instance? Other than setting the method to static.

any suggestion would be much appreciated. thanks.

regards bhadz
12 years ago
Thank you very much for the explaination. Now I get it. i thought nulls takes space.
i will separate it because i think that null fields will consume bytes in the database. and if my data will increase and having many null fields
will have an effect of consuming spaces in my database.

yes i will most likely want to have many tables just to avoid null fields. but im confuse if my style would be alright. thats why im getting
your opinions.

thank you for the reply i appreciate it.
separate it to other table, i will make another table for it. Just to prevent null fields.
if I see that it would be sometimes null, I will separate it. would it be okay?



i have a table for example,

userId | homeAddress | currentAddress

normally a table will look like this, and im worried when my users will vastly increase, some will not fill out the home address or the
current address, so there will be a field that is null in the table if that will be the structure.

so I re design my database, like this, to avoid some null fields.

userId | homeAddress

userId | currentAddress

so i have now 2 tables. Does Null fields matter? Does my second database design fit what i wanted? does that advisable?
because im very particular about null fields. I dont want any null fields in my tables.

any comments/suggestions would be a great help. thank you.



James Elsey wrote:Do you mean your final year project for university?


James Elsey wrote:Of course android would be suitable, you just need to figure out a topic of study,
or something in particular you are trying to prove or disprove. Any particular areas you are interested in? What are your weak/strong points?
Give us all a little more info and we can suggest topics

actually im a beginner of android, can you suggest what particular field would be interesting? thank you

13 years ago
i had an idea, that can android be okay for thesis? I started to ask myself, where in the particular field will it be able to be as a thesis?
in short, will it be able for a thesis. Can someone explain, how will I do it? Im a little bit confuse.
I select that because it's kinda fun and it is demand in the market nowadays.

suggestions/explaination/comments would be much more appreciated. Thank you.


13 years ago
is it possible that the UI part of my application is javaFX, then when i press a button for example,
the actionperformed is that i will call a java code or java class?
13 years ago
what would be best plugin for eclipse in GUI Builder (e.g. swing), ill transfer to eclipse from netbeans.
is it v4all, jigloo, windowbuilder or etc?

v4all - when i saved it for the first an error occur, it said "a resource already exist . . . . . " i dont know what that means, i cant run the program
jigloo - i dont know how to set the JPanel because it is larger than the frame, when i place it in a JScrollPane and drag the JPanel longer(height)
the JPanel stretch but when it elapsed the edge of the JScrollPane/JFrame it makes invisible the part that elapsed.
windowbuilder - i didnt tried this.

can someone advise me for the nicer one, because i just want the drag and drop the components.

any help would be much appreciated.