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I want to search within an image for a specific portion to extract it; it is mainly a document with signature at the end. I just want to extract the signature from the image. The signature is contained with outline and a word signature with background gray so identification can be easy if I can search within image for the right portion of signature and get the below part. I'm having around 700,000 forms to do this process, and the documents has been scanned not all the same but with different resolution and even some users cropped some images that's why it is hard for me to just crop in certain areas.

It is as if I'm trying to search within image, I searched the Internet and it seems in a topic named object detection, can someone suggest a way to do this or some library that can help?

Sample image attached.
13 years ago
Certification is for version 2.x

So better take the latest OMG Modeling and Metadata Specifications



For Andor Nemeth:

Question 10:
Could you please tell us how "deep" questions could we expect on the SCBCD 5 exam?
For example: I've just understood how interceptors work. Should I memorize also the deployment descriptor tags, or it's ok if I know what can I do and where?
Depth of the questions, as I answered in Question 9, difficulty between 3 - 4 ==> Only important DD should be memorized, i.e. don't think they will ask about the some not commonly used tag with some attributes, usually the common, and it is not that much in exam

Question 11:
I just wanted to download the 10 sample questions from Sun but they aren't available right know
Should we expect source code snippets? What kind of?
Code snippets is expected in lots of questions, but not for you to write, but as a case and you are asked question regarding this code snippets.
Regarding the sample 10 questions, they should be available, and I recommend while you are taking them to take a screenshot for questions and answeres for all the 10 question to return to them whenever you want.
Dear Shivani,
Yes this would be enough, me too I quit reading mastering as it was not asgood as Orielly.

Hope you all the best.