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Recent posts by Zandis Murāns

Yes, there is - by using date fromats:

Anyways, this is not right approach to handle dates in context of database.
This line is problematic:

You're trying to access more char elements than you'r string has (as array's numbering starts at zero not one).
Try to change this line to this:
12 years ago
Solution is to iterate backwards.
12 years ago
Add Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH instead of Calendar.DATE
12 years ago
You should never do this. Instead, try to parse you'r xml to tell if it's valid or not.
As Campbell Ritchie mentioned already, you should deal such things with regex.
Here's little example:

To understand my regex ^[^\d]*?$, please refer to this guide:
12 years ago
I tried to read what you're trying to achieve three times but no success, sorry.
12 years ago