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Recent posts by ravikanth reddy

Check Admin server startup logs. Do you see any errors there?

Is server started successfully.
9 years ago
Thanks for the reply

It is the same data source, connecting to same database
9 years ago

I have configured 4 managed servers, ms1,ms2 on system1 and ms3,ms4 on system2.
Weblogic version 10.3.6,

all managed servers connecting to same database.

sporadically I am facing issue on one of the managed server or multiple managed servers with below exception. Most of the times on one/two managed servers.

ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

After restarting managed server issue is resolving.

If TNS listener goes down this problem should appear on all nodes. why on only 1 node this problem is coming. All other nodes serving the requests as usual.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
9 years ago
We had same issue.
I am not sure there is any way to configure different port for for different web application if all web apps are resideing single JBOSS instance. Instead you can enable seucrity for each web application. Create different username and password for each.

To resove this issue I am using same port for different applications with different username and password.

Also You can create virtual host for each web app.

Please ignore if my reply won't help.
12 years ago
Hi Jaikiran,

I have overriden this value in jboss.xml


When tibco server is down I can see below error messgage in the logs
javax.jms.JMSException: Failed to connect to the server at tcp://dingo:7222

when tibco srver is up jboss server is able to reconnect successfully.
12 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

It is ejb2.1 mdb.
12 years ago
Is your jboss-log4j.xml configured like below. It will be helpful if you copy jboss-log4j.xml

12 years ago
I have similar issue with TibcoEMS and JBOSS still not resolved.

Can you check is your jboss.xml having below attributes

12 years ago
You can find dtd in JBOSS_HOME/docs/dtd


If you want to add any additional configuration you have to define container configurations.
12 years ago
It seems you didn't change web port. It is still 8080.
Can you try with http://localhost:8080
12 years ago
1. I have set up Tibco EMS Server
2. JBOSS4.2.3GA with jobs messaging
3. Two queues hosted in TIbco server firstQueue, secondQueue
4. I have consumer in JBOSS for firstTibcoQueue (FirstQueueBean.java)
5. I have session bean in jboss SecondQueueBean.java in the same server instance(same.ear) it post message on to secondTibcoQueue

Here the problem is, if Tibco server goes down in between, after that my MDB FirsQueueBean unable to consume message from the firstTibcoQueue.

But I am able to send messages on secondTibcoQueue.

I have monitored jboss logs after Tibco restart my server is able to reconnect successfully.

I am able to post the message but unable to consume the message.

Could you please let me know what is the problem here? Is I am missing any configuration. I have configured this instance as per JBOSS documentation.


Could you please let me know why my consumer is not able to reconnect to Tibco Server?
12 years ago
are you able to check these messages from web-console.

what is the messagecount on that queue?

12 years ago

We are using jboss-messaging1.4.5GA and jboss-4.2.3GA.
As per the documentation provided by jboss-messaging1.4.5GA we are using jboss-remoting.jar 2.2.3 SP1.

We are facing similar issues like below
Issue with remoting

This fix says fixed as part of 2.2.3SP4.

I have searched
remoting jar download link but I could nt find link to jboss-remoting.jar 2.2.3 SP4.

Where can I find this jar file to download? Is this compatible with jboss-messaging 1.4.5GA?

Could you please let me know?

13 years ago

Thanks a lot for your suggestion Jaikiran. Yes in one of the node I have not updated *-persistance-service.xml.

Now problem is resolved.

13 years ago

@Jaikiran: We are upgrading messaging version from 1.4.4GA to 1.4.5GA.

@Uttam: Please find below files.
13 years ago