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Julio leopard banderas wrote:Hey,

i heared about AOP in Spring, but i still confusing the concept of AOP and his utility in Spring,
can anyone give us the concept and the utility to use AOP ?


Hi Julio,

I too learning AOP in Spring these days, I can help you in understanding what AOP is and its utility in any web application.

Suppose you have a class say Audience and in that class you have methods say
1) takeSeats()
2) switchOffMobile()
3) appluad()

Also you have a pojo class say Compititor which is having fields Name and Instrument

we have a class ShowStarting which look like this once you initialized bean for Competitor and Audience

You can eliminate these cross cutting concerns and allow Spring to handle these. This is one of the advantage of AOP.
These cross cutting concerns you have to write in an xml to tell spring when and where to call them.
Hello Everyone,
Please help me to identify the issue:-

1) I am downloading the template from the secured website which asks for user id and password.
2) After this pop-up blocker blocks this file to open, for this I right click allow the file to download and download the file.
3) After this I go to to browse button selects the file and click on upload.
4) After this Browser shows the message " You are about to redirect to a connection which is not secure, The information you are sending to the current site might be transmitted to a non secure site. Do ou wish to continue? " I click yes.
5) After this a browser might send a new request because of which Formfile becomes null and hence FormFile.getInputStream(); comes null.
6) Can anyone help me out why the FormFile object is not set? Here is the code snippet:-

Code in jsp

Code of POJO class

Code for UploadAction

Code of upload Service here it fails since form.getTheFile() is coming null

NOTE:: This code was working good when the file was downloaded from local codebase
9 years ago
Hi guys,
I have a checkbox which will be checked or unchecked based on whether the value is true or false.
I want to get the value of that checkbox i.e true or false Please help. here is my code

10 years ago
Hi guys,
I am facing problem to check list of checkboxes based on their boolean value during page load. Here is my code

I wanted to display those checkboxes to be checked whose value i.e roleDTO.checked=="true"
Please help
10 years ago
Hi Brij,
I also checked by writing on close() method then also it write the data into the given file. It means it is also performing some sort of flush() function before closing
Oh It means close performs both the function of flushing and then closing.
That means close() will save writing flush() if we want to close the file directly
Thanks Jim for the elaborative reply
I used the correct word i think in the last post i.e "MAGIC"
After reading webpage if it is not opening read the above given SCJP tipline markup placed on the front page of this forum
i am feeling But yes it provides certain things which i will keep in mind
I am in last year of my college and wants to do something in java.
I thought by becoming SCJP atleast the employer will separate me from the crowd.
What SCJP stands for a fresher? I mean if i present SCJP certificate in my Resume do the employer notice it?
I want suggestion from everyone who is experienced...

[Jesper Young: Fixed the link for you]
Oops!! I have to test it again!!

1> Can you explain why the pointer(reference) associated with readLine method doesn't come again to the first character?
2> What read() mehthod does??

My question is:

1> Do close() and flush() performs the same function??
2> Why their is no output when i do not write the pw.close() or pw.flush() ?
Hello EveryOne,
I read in k & b book that if we don't make a directory using mkdir() function and add a file in it then it will throw an exception But the below code executes fine. Though it doesn't output anything..

This code doesn't throw any exception but according to book it have to throw.
Note: There is no Directory named First Directory in my pC

missaw doubi wrote:
Thanks Johnny !! it seems logic

Since you are a java guy logic will be there always
They only send E-Mail consisting Voucher Number along with some instructions. Dont wait for anything else after all its just $40
What could be the advantage of static Nested class?
In which scenario should anyone create it? I mean since its methods are not static, its instance variables are not static. It do not have any relationship with its outer class. So in which part of code we use it?