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Aravind Arumugam

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since Sep 07, 2009
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Recent posts by Aravind Arumugam

Hey guys,

I am having a good set of new unused java books (recently purchased) which I am not using due to change of job.
So thought of giving it away who can collect those from my place in UK.
The list are,

Head First design Patterns, Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Freeman with Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates, O'Reilly, 978-0-596-00712-6, Oct 2004

Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Java, Andy Wellings, John Wiley & Sons, 0-470-84437-X, 2004

Java Persistence with Hibernate, Christian Bauer & Gavin King, Manning, 1-932394-88-5, 2007

Refactoring Improving The Design of existing Code, Martin Fowler, Addison-Wesley, 0-201-48567-2, 2008

Mastering Foerign Exchange & Money Markets, Paul Roth, 0-273-62586-1

Junit in action, Vincent Massol, Manning, 1-930110-99-5

Spring in action (covers Spring 2.0), Craig Walls, Manning, 1-933988-13-4 , 2008,

EJB3 in Action, Debu Panda Reza Rahman & Derek Lane, Manning, 1-933988-34-7, 2007

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide, Kathy Sierra Bert Bates, Mc Graw Hill, 978-0-07-159108-9 CD 978-0-07-159109-6 of set 978-0-07-159106-5

Email me for more details -
14 years ago

I've never really used JUnit, but really need to get up with the speed.
So I need a book that explains sound basics & concepts with good hands-on

I checked the previous threads and found the following books,

"JUnit in Action",
"Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide",
Kent Beck's "Test Driven Design by Example",
Hunt's and Thomas' "Pragmatic Unit Testing",
Link's "Unit Testing in Java", and
Derek Lane's O'Reilly title "JUnit: the Definitive Guide"

I'm really confused which one book to choose.
Please suggest a nice book with sound concepts and hands on that brings the reader up to speed.

My another question is,

Can somebody provide me with links or good books for learning JMock?

i have gone to JMock website, but just checkin if anybody have come across some really cool links/books that would help beginners with some hands on?

14 years ago
Hi everybody,

So far I have been working on core java and some JDBC/Servlet/JSP stuffs.
I am keen to broaden my knowledge on Enterprise & J2EE sides.

I searched in all forums and gathered the following.

1) EJB 3.0 is the latest on EJB. Best book to start with is EJB 3 in Action
2) Spring/Hibernate are excellent frameworks and good to learn and get involved.

My questions are,

1) How JPA different from EJB/Spring/Hibernate? How do they fit together in bigger picture?
2) If I need to learn JPA, what book/besk links do you suggest for a beginner, but keen to learn and practice to an expert level?
3) For frameworks like Spring/Hibernate, which books do you suggest, again for a beginner, but keen to learn and practice to an expert level?

All answers are much appreciated.
This is my first post in Java Ranch as I have joined a couple of days ago

So if I have mistakenly posted or done anything wrong then please notify.

14 years ago