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PrashantM ,
i didn't use whizlabs to prepare for SCEA-PART1 but i tryed most of free mock exam they are good but some times there is incorrect answers
suekar ,
My idea wasn't to tell the full real system architectural but just an over view of what was the technologies used to satisfy the business requirement and if these technologies was good enough to handle the requirement or not, and what was the main challenges in the architectural and how it was solved.
For example in Vicky case if there is a reference on a real system with similar requirement then we can learn from this reference.

As I remember there was a white paper on theserverside where they describe the
Design Patterns and Architecture behind Theserverside "
, this was a good example of what I am talking about.
Saha ,

Now you may begin the trek into Part II. This forum has been helpful for me in that regard.

this forum was a grate help to me for part I and i will keep eye on this forum for part II . but i was wondering is there any forum/site to disuses REAL word architecture issues and ideas Is this right architecture

This are very interesting questions and unfortunately I will not be able to help you here.
but I was wondering is there any group/forum/site where we can disuses REAL word architecture issues and ideas not relate to SCEA exam .in this way we can learn from each one experience and not doing the same mistakes twice.
Hi every one , today I passed SCEA with score of 97% I got 100% in all sections except for Common Architectures I got 83% with 1 wrong answer.

About my experience in this exam, I was thinking this exam will be more difficult than this, I believe the exam was ease. I spend 2 weeks to prepare for this exam with 4-6 hours every day. I think I will prepare for Part II in next few weeks.

Thanks for all the support provided by this grate forum
[ May 10, 2006: Message edited by: Usama Rashwan ]
Choices A, C and D are correct
please see this url SCEA Practice Questions you will find explanation for most of your questions
i am agree with Dave the correct answer are A and C
this part from RAMU MEDA notes

�Stateful / connection-based.
�Web protocol developed by Netscape and built into its browser that encrypts and decrypts user page requests as well as the pages that are returned by the Web server.
�HTTPS is really just the use of Netscape's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as a sublayer under its regular HTTP application layer.
�HTTPS uses default port 443 instead of HTTP port 80 in its interactions with the lower layer, TCP/IP.
�SSL uses a 40 or 128-bit key size for the RC4 stream encryption algorithm, which is considered an adequate degree of encryption for commercial exchange.
�URL that starts with https://. When you click "Send," to send the page back to the catalog retailer, your browser's HTTPS layer will encrypt it. The acknowledgement you receive from the server will also travel in encrypted form, arrive with an https:// URL, and be decrypted for you by your browser's HTTPS sublayer
�HTTPS and SSL support the use of X.509 digital certificates from the server so that, if necessary, a user can authenticate the sender.
�SSL is an open, nonproprietary protocol that Netscape has proposed as a standard to the World Wide Consortium (W3C).
�HTTPS is not to be confused with SHTTP, a security-enhanced version of HTTP developed and proposed as a standard by EIT.
osecure � only �in-the-clear� at client / server
oallowed through firewalls (most of the time)
owidely supported / deployed
ocomputationally expensive � excluding dedicated hardware, HTTPS can only process 10% of the traffic HTTP can
olow performance compared to HTTP
oAdmin overhead � renewing certs, etc.
�Each party (client/server) may hold multiple SSL sessions.
�Each session may include multiple secure connections.

[ May 07, 2006: Message edited by: Usama Rashwan ]
Apratim , you can't define number of bean instance in the deployment descriptor , but you MAY do this by the administration tool provided by your application server and this will be different from application server to another
thanks Ricardo and Thomas for your replays and answer
I found this Question in one of the mock exams and I believe the answer is incorrect
Here is the Question

Heartbreak Hospital has two applications - Patient Registration System and Patient Billing System. Patient Billing, an older application has CORBA interfaces for updating Billing Information. The newer Patient Registration system was built as a Java based Application. Heartbreak now wants to automatically update Billing Information from the Patient Registration Application. What Java technology may be most suited for this?

FJava-CORBA Bridge

Choice E is correct. "I believe the correct answer is C because we have a CORBA application, Billing Information, so we can use RMI-IIOP from the new java application, Patient Registration, to connect to the old application"

And this is the explanation from the mock exam
The following is taken from:
"Java IDL adds CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) capability to the Java platform, providing standards-based interoperability and connectivity. Java IDL enables distributed Web-enabled Java applications to transparently invoke operations on remote network services using the industry standard IDL (Object Management Group Interface Definition Language) and IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) defined by the Object Management Group." Hence choice E is correct.
RMI-JRMP is used for distributed processing in a pure Java environment. Hence choice A is incorrect.
There is no indication whether the Patient Billing system supports JNI. Hence choice B is incorrect.
RMI-IIOP is useful when dealing with EJB applications. Hence choices C and D are incorrect.
There is no such thing as a Java-CORBA bridge. The Java IDL API performs that function. Hence choice F is incorrect.
hi evrey on
jive is a powrful java forum it was open soure but now it is not open source any more
so any ony can give my a link to it is open soure version i mean version 2.2 or 2.6
thanks for any help you can do
hi all
i finshed my scwcd exam and i send to sun to recive my logo but tell now
i didn't recive it so is there any help
i need it soon as posible
i recive a free voucher for exams 286 and 287
i did 287 in 9/4 and recive the voucher in 11/4
and 286 in 2 /4 and recive the voucher in 7/4
i hope you all get the free voucher
i know how it was hard to pass all these exams
i think my next exam will be 486
hi evry on i passed the two exams in the same day , it was mercal
i passed the 483 with score 80% and the 158 with 71 % and i couldn't bleave my self
i think the exam 158 i much more defcult that 483
i ask abour ejb relaion and how to map reletional DB to ejb and domean object