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Recent posts by anarkali perera

I have make a little one.But confusing if it is corerect or not?
can anyone give me small class diagram for Election
I tried ,but i can't identify what are the relationships among Voter,Ballot,Election,Candidate,Party and Results
can anyone tell me this?
i am using Glassfish which is come inbuilt with Netbeans 6.7
i need to run JMS example.
i used this site.

But ican't find admin console in Netbeans.Can you tell me where to find me?
i am using Netbeans 6.7.
I did No 3 step in that URL.But i can't do the No 4 step.
i am using this link

i can't find the where the NetBeans server manager ?
can anyone tell me ?

i found that systax of stateless anotation is this

can nayone explain how to map this with examplee?

we also have Bursaries in Sri Lanka while doing general Degree.I need to know Is there any university give schlorships for MSC in Computer Science in UK or Other Europian Country?
13 years ago
i found that anatomy of testcase is normaly like this

1. Test case ID
2. Test case Name
3. Test case Objective
4. Test case Prerequisite
5. Test steps
6. Test Data
7. Expected Results
8. Actual Results
9. Status
10. Priority

anyway my problem is when considering Login senario what are the Test case Prerequisite and Priority?
13 years ago
i went for an interview.they ask me there are 9 bolls and one boll's weight is lessthan other eight.And there is a balance also.He ask me to find the less weight boll using two times?

can anyone tell me reference to place find these type of analitical questions?
13 years ago
can anyone tell me free ebook about QA?
13 years ago
what is next
13 years ago
They don't provide scholerships.
13 years ago
i need to i am finding a good university.It is better to have scholership.does anyone know that kind of university in uk or any european country please tell me.I like to have UK because language is English.but if it is a France or Germaney it may different.
13 years ago
this numbers has some proper way.then what is next?
13 years ago