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Hello, you should either map your servlet url to report, or change the link in your HTML page to your defined controller/ServletPrimero url.

Glad you liked the book! Good luck!

Hi Matias,

I recommend going with Pentaho BI Suite 3.5, there were known issues in 2.0 relating to SqlTupleReader.


Thanks everyone, and congratulations to Raghavan, William, Leandro, and Matthew, I really enjoyed visiting JavaRanch. There were many great questions asked about Pentaho!
I haven't experienced any performance issues that you have encountered. You should try out the stable version, which has just recently been posted:

If you are still experiencing issues, I recommend jumping over to the Report Designer forum at Pentaho:
Exactly, you could embed the reporting engine in your own Java application, or use our BI Server to generate the report.
You can't take an arbitrary PDF and convert it to Excel, you must define a report in Report Designer, and generate either PDF or Excel, they'll contain the same information and look similar, but be in different formats.
From a report template that you define in Report Designer, you can generate a report in various output formats, Excel, HTML, PDF, etc.
It stores the layout in a "PRPT" file, which is similar to the open document standard used in OpenOffice.org. The definition of the XML files inside the ZIP file are defined in the book, so you could open up the PRPT and modify the report directly. We recommend using the Java API to do this manipulation.
Using Pentaho Data Integration, you could build a transformation that downloads the XML from HTTP, and then converts it into a table model that feeds Pentaho Reporting. No code would be required to make this happen, just knowledge of Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) and Pentaho Report Designer.
They are similar in concept, and they both are Java based, so knowing Jasper will help with learning Pentaho Reporting.
Hi Darryl,

Pentaho Reporting supports OLAP using Pentaho Analysis, AKA the Mondrian ROLAP Engine. Also available is the olap4j data factory, which allows you to access XMLA based OLAP data sources. Support for cross tabs in the 3.5 release is limited, you can display multiple levels of a dimension in the cross tab, but it is not yet drag and drop capable.
The book demonstrates how to implement the Output API. If you have a legacy output format, you could write your own output handler. We do not currently have FrameMaker output support.
Early in the book, there are simple examples of embedding Pentaho Reporting in both Swing and web based apps. Integration is just a few lines of code. The target audience primarily are Java developers, but many of the chapters including designing with Report Designer are useful for business users as well.