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Recent posts by Ranveer K Kumar

Hi all,

I am very new to PL SQL (just started to learn).
Facing problem in loop.
My requirement is to fetch first query using distinct. upon the result (cursor) I need to get the result for final out put.
more definition : in the distinct I am getting id and cid. total no of distinct result is 12, so I want to pass the value return by distinct query.
I think 12 time loop (count) will require. but I dont know how to execute this approach.

following is my code :

in above RET_DIST is geting 12 record count..
now from RET_DIST I want to pass language_id and article_id to LOOP (12 time) and LOOP should return a CURSOR..
Please help me. Also tell me if any better aproach for same problem..
Hi all,

I am converting csv to xml without using any 3rd party library.

now there is problem, simple csv is working fine..

"hello, how are you?", good morning, 1 , 3

In above csv sample I don't want to token after hello.. so I checked the text delimeter quote(") and working fine..
But I want to know that is there simple way?

Is there any third party CSV available for that...

12 years ago
Hi All,

I am facing problem related to UTF-8.
I am using dom4j for generating xml in struts 1.3.

My xml document carry some non English character (Hindi).
Now the problem is when I am generating xml using dom4j in core java. Then Hindi character is coming.
But when using with struts then becoming junk (like : ???).
The problem I am unable to understand.
my environment is following:
OS : windows 7
IDE : Eclipse
java version : 1.6
Struts version : 1.3

I am using servlet filter to encode the request to UTF-8.

Same code is working while using in core java (using main method).
please help.

Ranveer K Kumar

12 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:What kind of client is this? How is it accessing the service?

I am using using http post.
13 years ago
Hi All,

I am very new in Web Services.

I need to receive response.

for example:


after requesting above URL I am receiving response in xml format.

Now I need to write the response in file.(whatever response is coming).

please suggest..

Ranveer K
13 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:I don't know what the "asXML" method does in dom4j, and I don't feel like hunting down its documentation on the web. So I'm just going to guess that you should be using some other method there. Like the getRootElement method for example. You didn't say why you wanted to do this or what the output should have been, so guessing is the only way forward.

Hi Paul,

thanks for reply.

actually I was getting follwoing extra line in output.xml file. asXML is simple parsing text to xml in dom4j. I am now able to modify the element in xml..
by following code (instead of asXML, because asXML method is adding "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>" line )

but still getting problem.
I am searching the element (by loop) when find, first remove that element and again adding the modified element on there. after that writing that xml again.

I looking forward to do same with XPath instead of loop. Because in my condition we know the element path.
please help..

Hi all,

I am new in dom4j and xml parsing. I need to modify the xml file. But I have no idea . I am trying to do but not succeed. Please help....
I have no idea so please help if i have done mistakes in core..but my goals is to modify the xml element..

following is code which i tried..

xml file...

I want to change above <desc> element with some other value.

I am trying to modify this file with some new value of <desc> by following code..

java file

after executing the above java file I am getting the following xml... but xml is not right...

with regards

Poonam Agarwal wrote:hello ranchers,

I am trying to solve this problem since a quite long but there is no result which can help me out to get the right result. I want to have radio buttons (<nested:radio>) works in a group so that at a time there is only one button can be selected by the user. i knw the problem sounds very familiar but please guys advice me get it done.

here is my code

filterNo is the property of FilterFormBean which I need to aceess via using <nested:radio>. please help me out in this

Hi, I would like to know more like output and version of struts.
One more thing I would like to know that when using radio button did you use reset on form ( if using struts 1 then).

I am not sure about the current output but assuming that you are unable to group using radio button.
In struts 1 when using radio then you must have to use reset method if you want to refresh the value on request.

But anyway currently I am not sure about your output..
13 years ago

Vinod Vijay wrote:How to use the error handling properly so that i can avoid the primary key violation ?

Thanks in advance

1) You can set primary key as database/server side. which can be auto generated so user can not enter the duplicate value. (can be display on the form as read only field)
2) You can check the user entered value on server for duplication before inserting the record..
13 years ago
check Action type in in struts-confige.xml.

<Action type="HtmlFromAction"> is this valid ?

please check the package structure.

13 years ago

smitha mulu wrote:I need to implement Tabs in Struts

Please advice me how it can be done


You should use java script or any java script library.
13 years ago

harendra juturu wrote:hi,


simply write action class so when you click on view button the corresponding checked value will retrieve from database.
13 years ago

a kishore wrote:

fmActionForm = new FileManagementActionForm();
status = rs.getString("status");
<html:select property="selectedstatus" styleClass="select">
<html:options collection="statuslist" labelProperty="status" property="status"/>

try above..
if not run then let me know the form and action in more details..
13 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

same code I am using except I removed the id ="tdId" from td tag.

How can you select the cell directly if you remove the ID tag?

If you select the TD element, then you'd use innerHTML directly; leave out the ".firstChild".

thanks for suggestion...

my table is

Now I am getting value by


but still unable to get value by the

not working..

I must missing some thing..
please help.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:
What code did you use for that?

same code I am using except I removed the id ="tdId" from td tag.

rest of things are same..

please advice me I am very new to java script.