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Recent posts by B Gupta

Ulf Dittmer wrote:As I said, the WSDL isn't deployed by you, it's deployed by the SOAP engine. But you only need it for development, not for production use (unless you want other people to access it so that they can build client code for the service).

As to the endpoint URL, that's determined by where the SOAP engine is deployed, and how the relevant classes and methods are named (and possibly by some of the annotations if you're using JAX-WS). Beyond that, you don't have control over it, and it's only relevant for the client side, not the server side to begin with.

Thanks again.

Any good references for Web services. ?
14 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Welcome to JavaRanch.

I'm not sure I understand all your questions, but I'll give it a shot.

#1 - The WSDL is only needed by someone creating a client for the WS. If you have done that, then there's no further need for it. What's more, it isn't so much "deployed" as it is generated automatically by the WS stack.

#2 - If by "locator" you mean something that's part of the client, then you're right - the client obviously needs to know which server to go to. If you want to keep that configurable (like for test and production), then the client should read the server name from a config file that you can change without having to change the code.

#3 - I don't understand what you're asking. Can you rephrase that and provide more detail?

Thanks for this, I guess somehow I got the answers from this reply of yours.

But to rephrase my doubt, I was asking do I need to mention the endpoint URL on the Server side code and secondly, do I need to deploy the WSDL also on the server side.

14 years ago
Need to understand the deployment of a webservice.

I have a service created over Axis. I have a few questions regarding the deployment of this service.

1. Is it that the WSDL also has to be put on the Server.
2. Where all do we have to specify the endpoint URL for the web service. I found it at two places, one on the WSDL and the other on the locator.
3. Which all files has to be deployed on the Server side being very specific.

The problem is my endpoint URL will change when it will go to the prod server, and I cant change the code only for prod server. Any reference or help will be appreciated.

14 years ago