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Recent posts by Amru Jahagirdar

Hi, I am going to deal with simple black and white images that contain simple shapes like triangle, circle etc.
I DO NOT want to use any image processing library like OpenCV. Can you suggests something else? I have attached sample image.
Can I read it pixel by pixel? 1 for black pixel and 0 for white?
3 years ago
Hi guys,
I had scheduled my SCBCD exam on 29th Jan. However due to some reasons I had to
prepone the exam on 31st December. So I just have 8 Days to study. Please give me few tips.
I have EJB 3 in action book.

hi Alexey... Thanks a lot. I got it..
So in case of STATEFUL session bean, container must invoke the same bean object which has
saved the conversational state between the client & server. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Hi guys ,
I have just started to study for SCBCD. I am not clear about stateless session beans. Can you please explain
with an example? Thanks,

Hi Veena,

Suppose for the bean class you are using, if you provide a constructor with arguments, & do not provide a public no-arg constructor
then java compiler DOES NOT provide a public no-arg constructor. Such constructor is provided by compiler ONLY IF there is not one already.
So in this case, at runtime it will throw an exception as it does not find public no-arg constructor to create a bean object.
Is this available for local candidates only?
10 years ago
Hi Ida,
reply me details on
I have completed SCJP6 & SCWCD 5
10 years ago
Is Head first EJB good enough to pass SCBCD?
Hi Anil,
In the book , struts is given as an example of front controller design pattern.
There will not be any direct questions on struts but there can be on front controller design pattern.
struts help us know how this pattern is actually implemented.
meaning of both the sentences is same.
root of the web container here, means with respect to your web application.

Anything you specify as '/PathToTheFile' is interpreted as

hi guys..
I am thinking to do SCBCD. how much preparation time it usually takes?
Any head first series book for this available?
Anybody?? helloooooooo
10 years ago