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Recent posts by Anand Rajamani

The TIBCO BW Engine has got a java palette which has the logic written to conver the XML String to byte[] and pass it on to java layer.

This change we are looking for because the xml size is huge and we are experiencing out of memory and wanted to optimize all areas where the memory is loaded.
12 years ago
Hi, I'm using TIBCO rv to receive a message. This message has an XML
document.I have to send this content to the java layers

The current implementation converts it to byte codes and send it to the java.

I want to go for more optimized memory usage.
What s the best way to do it.

It is a synchronous request.



There should not be any response delay also.
12 years ago
Any Certifications on Performance tuning avaliable ?

let me know
12 years ago
The out of memory we got thru heap dump file
It is analyzed with heap analyzer tools like netbeans and no tools gave exact result.
but based on top 20 memory consumers we
identified 2 problems in application and had put fix.
closing oracle and mainframe connections.

It is not a direct java appl.tibco java combined application

Now qstn is how to compare the memory graph and not on heap error.

12 years ago
Hello all,

Our application is running on multiple servers based on load balancing .
The application is deployed in all of them.
There has been an Out of memory issue and we identified 2 possible reasons for memory leak.
1 is oracle connections where not closed .
the other one is connection object for mainframe was not released.

These were identified based on heap dump analysis and the fix was put in only 2servers to find the behaviour.

Now I have connected jconsole to all the servers for monitoring

1 server where there is no fix and
another server where there is a fix.

Now question is how to read the memory graph and validate the fix?

one good thing is in one server where we have the fix memory graph is almost flat.
and another server where the fix is not available the memory graph is slanting .

but the load in both of them are not exactly equal .

Is there a standard way or intelligent way to analyze and read jconsole graph?
is there any template ?


12 years ago