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Recent posts by nobeltr ozgur

how can i handle unknown namepsace and action in struts2
i have /namesapce/action.action
but theris no define in struts.xml i want to handle this

14 years ago

Is it possible for me to use other names ??

yes you can use any names that what you want in struts.xml files
im not sure if you are using annotion i mean if you are developing without struts.xml
14 years ago
All the form properties is stored on the ValueStack.
Action class contains the form properties and the corresponding getter and setter methods
we set the the values of forms in action
The name attribute of the UI tag is the one which links the property on the ValueStack.
14 years ago
i can remove jsessionid value following on this link
14 years ago
http://localhost:8080/<proje name>/<action>/
i have to path my image tags src attributes relative path is not useful on local

i think i solved my problem but i miss something
< image src= using OGNL
<img src="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/layout/images/gore.jpg"" alt="J banner" width="765" height="154">
no problem.
but in struts tags its not working

<s:url namespace="/" value="/layout/images/" var="ab"></s:url>
<s:textfield cssClass="txtf"
cssStyle="background : rgb(233, 248, 255) url(%{ab}username.png) no-repeat scroll left top;" name="userName" id="userName"></s:textfield >

ab parameter coming with when i request the page first time

jssession id is coming wth ab
and i refresh the its fiexed
how can i solve this problem
14 years ago
i m not obversing your code carefully

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE tiles-definitions PUBLIC
"-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Tiles Configuration 2.0//EN"
<definition name="homepage.tiles" template="/layout/standard-layout.jsp">
<put-attribute name="header" value="/toHeader.action" />
<put-attribute name="body" value="/tiles/mainpage/main-body.jsp" />


<put-attribute name="header" value="/toHeader.action" />
i think this line is wrong
you cant call action on tiles
and delete the one of them
14 years ago
thank you
im using mvc and im new on struts
i solved my problem using <s:url tag with ognl im using struts 2.1.x
like that
14 years ago
How can i fix the s:textfield's cssStyle style properties

here is the my aplications name my action is
like that

how can i reach the png files without writing full path?
S:url tag
Can anybody help me please?
14 years ago

did you add this defintion on jsp page
14 years ago
im working with tutorials of struts 2.1.6
i have error that i cant understand
i have an action class

here is my jsp

i got an error
WARNING: param with value resolved as null cannot be make as iterator, it will be ignored and hence will not appear in the merged iterator

i know the error is about static fields but i there is noting coming of my page when i browse

can anybody help me please?
14 years ago
im an untrained about struts2
im learning
im using a and to multi language support for my project
i set this file on file's like

here is

here is

my locale language is turkish
and coming my browser the value of on the

but i want set allow a user to select a which language to see on webpage
how can i set struts.locale parameter ?
is it possible to set it using a querysting parameter?
14 years ago
hi im a newest of struts
i try to coding my own blog
i want to got a multiple languge support for my blog
its like English Turkish
i dont have an any idea
could you help me about that?
any tip?
14 years ago