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Recent posts by appu sharma

Thanks for reply Asif,

I know @BeforeMethod and @BeforeClass is working fine but if why testNG skipped junit annotation?? any idea!!!

9 years ago

I am trying to run run below code but testng is skipping @Before annotation, What is the reason behind it.

Here is the code.

9 years ago
As, it is valid voucher. If you dont believe it then ask justin jang. He already used this voucher and passed the exam. AS this voucher is valid in pearson view exam too till 31 dec 2011. And i already sold more than 50+ voucher and no one complained me about its worldwide validity.

M Imran wrote:@appu sharma

As you know oracle is moving to pearson vue instead of prometric for sun/solaris/mysql/netbeans certifications. Is this voucher valid on pearson vue? is it valid outside india?

I want to know that oracle is showing 300$ for SCJP 6 certification but prometric is charging 125$. so what will be new price when oracle is shifted to pearson vue?

I have not got any answers from oracle

That voucher is valid too in pearson vue too and the price is same in pearson vue as prometric have and that voucher is valid worldwide, you can use it in any country.

Eswar Nec wrote:Hi,

What are jar files added in your projects?

Add mysqljdbc.jar in your project

mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar this jar file and what is mysqljdbc.jar file???
and here is the stack trace error
Hello everyone,
I try to run following code in netbeans as a IDE and mysql as database.
I have added my sql connector in CLASSPATH and tool\libraries in netbeans and still getting the error
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
here is the code

g nkr wrote:@appu sharma
Do you any idea till when is the above exam voucher valid

upto 31 dec 2011
you can purchase that 40% discount voucher from here.
click here
I have Sun/Oracle Certification Exam voucher for all 310 series exam with expirey date Dec 2011.
If anybody want to buy free contact me. at
Thank you
11 years ago

Ankit Garg wrote:Well since I'm in India, I can see the price of their voucher Rs.6500. And on Oracle's site the cost of SCJP is given at 125$ (in India) which is around Rs.5750 and you directly have to pay that to your prometric center, no need for a voucher. I don't see any reason for anyone in India to buy a voucher from them...

where you see this cost can you give the link.
Thank you

Mana Lesar wrote:Crap... I made mine on 19 March and still have not received Voucher

why not you send inquiry email about your voucher @ think they send you reply in fews days .

Larry Olson wrote: Good luck with your exam.

i already passed my exam and above voucher is useless

Larry Olson wrote:Hi Vinit,

Good to know that you received some sort of communication from Oracle. Was this a response to a follow-up email you sent recently? I did send SAI a follow-up email (which I didn't really want to, but couldn't resist) a few days back, but I haven't received a response from SAI.

BTW did you scan your student ID and send it to them by email as a proof?

I hope everyone waiting on the SAI voucher will receive it by March 14th. Would they be emailing the vouchers or would it be by postal mail?


yes you have to give them you student ID card or fee receipt as a proof.They send you long email like this
***************************************************************************We apologize for the delay in processing your order. We are experiencing high order volume which has impacted our response time.

Thank you for your Sun Academic Initiative exam voucher order and for providing the requested documentation. Your SAI exam voucher and registration instructions are provided below.

Certification Exam Voucher

Order # : 0011932

Exam Title : 212-065 Sun Certified Java Programmer SE 6

Exam Voucher Number : SW00ECKUNH

Voucher Expiration Date : April 1, 2011

Purchase Confirmation # : SUN-3903720656293937

You must use your exam voucher by the Voucher expiration date listed above. Each voucher is valid for one exam and may only be used at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center. Please be aware that exam vouchers are nonrefundable. If you are unable to schedule or attend your exam appointment due to a documentable emergency situation, contact us at and we will provide an appropriate resolution.

To schedule your SAI exam online, please visit the Prometric Web site at:

and follow the exam registration instructions below:

1) Click on the “Start” button
2) Click on “Schedule an Appointment”
3) Choose your country (and state, if testing in the United States) and click the “Next” button to continue.
4) Select 'Sun Microsystems' as the 'Client' and Select 'SUN Academic Initiative (212)' as the 'Program'. Click the “Next” button to continue.
5) Read the certification policies and click “Next” to continue.
6) Select your exam and choose your language, then click the “Next” button to continue.
Note: Ignore the pricing listed. This does not apply to you.
7) Click the “Schedule an Appointment” link beside the Prometric Testing Center where you would like to take your exam.
8) You will be prompted to login with your Prometric login and password. You will need to register if you are a new user.
9) Choose a Date and Time for your exam and click the “Next” button to continue.
10) Click the “YES” link under ‘Do you have a Promotion Code or Voucher?’
11) Select ‘Voucher Number’ as the discount type and enter your SAI exam voucher number. Click the “Validate” button to continue. (Your voucher number is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as provided)
12) Follow the prompts to confirm your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email from Prometric after completion.

Please note that online exam registration may not be available in all countries.

If you would prefer to make your appointment by phone, you may call Prometric using the “Call Us” numbers listed for your region and country on left side of the site.

When taking your exam, you must answer "yes" to the privacy statement that is asked prior to the exam. If you answer "no", you will forfeit your exam and we will be unable to give you a replacement voucher. For Sun's certification terms and conditions, please go to

After taking your exam, it can take up to five business days for your records to appear in the Sun Certification database. Log in to the Sun Certification Database after your exam at to:

Update your contact information and address.
View your personal test history for certification tests.
View your progress towards a certification.
Publish your certifications via email

You will need information from your Prometric Score Report to log in the first time. Your Prometric Score Report is given to you at the testing center immediately following your exam.

If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us by email.

Inquiries regarding Sun certification, your certification history, or testing at Prometric:

Inquiries regarding the Sun Academic Initiative program:

Inquiries regarding your SAI Voucher order:

Thank you for supporting the Sun Academic Initiative. Good luck on your exam!

Best regards,

Eric Boice
Sun Academic Initiative Voucher Team
In this email there are many important email ID is included which you can use for further communication.