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Recent posts by Carsten Rasmussen

Communications link failure how do i get ride of that ??? please help.
The problem came when i tried to run my java chat with JDBC on my windows computer instead of ubuntu linux.

Your regards,
Carsten S. Rasmussen
I don't know howto do that, but i did this code:

And the sound played perfectly. So how do i play sound in web applet ???
11 years ago
"self extracting java" is a way to add java in Ubuntu. I have no console.
I have no logs, isn't there a solution within the code ?
11 years ago
Im using this code:

What is wrong what is it I'm doing wrong/missing ???
11 years ago
If i install self extracting java i will overide package default-java isn't there another way to tell if sound is downloaded maybe an applet code.
11 years ago
EHmm, how do i get the console in ubuntu linux ???
thanks by the way
11 years ago
Maybe you could explain me howto make a java policy file that would be a good help.
11 years ago
my url is http://localhost/sounds/send.wav how do i add that i tried just now and applet wont run:

I checked that the file is there and its working but still i cant play it.
11 years ago
Hi, I'm having problems playing sound in my first applet please help.

This is the code i use:

And i get this error:
Access denied (Java.lang.RuntimePermission getProtectionDomain)

I have tried and google it and i seems like it is a permission rights on file problem.
How do i fix that i cant find an example.

Thanks in advanced,
Carsten S. Rasmussen

It might be a newbie question but its relevant, at least for me :O)

11 years ago
I want to know how to align my textfield and buttons so far i have manage to make this:

As you can see my button and textfield are align to the left but what if i want to align the button at bottom and textfield at top.
This time i want to see some codes, thank you
your regards Carsten

Ps. this is one of my first java scripts
PPS. i know how to google, i really want to learn ill be your student if possible
PPP: I tried turning off caching on JAVA på i still have to reopen browser to see new content
12 years ago
I want to know howto align my radio buttons at center bottom.
I also want to know howto POST from Java Applet to a PHP page.
Last i want to know howto make an applet stop caching so you don't have to close browser to see new content.
Can anybody help ???

Here is my applet code:

I'm new at Java Applets so i properly wont be able to understand unless you keep it simple.
Thanks in advanced.

Carsten S. Rasmussen
12 years ago
Isnt there a way to use my applet under servlet rules.
Please show a whole example of that package thing please be so kind.
12 years ago
That exactly what i wont be doing.
I would like client and server to run on localhost.
Is it possible ?

I have tomcat 6 installed if i can use something of that because servlets work that way
In php you access you database like this:

And the users outside network can access my database with my script.
That's what i meant.