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I created a spring aplication and deployed it in tomcat server (Tomcat v5.5 Server). I checked in tomcat manager and found my application is listed.But while i try to run my application,i am getting a page showing

This program cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes: You are not connected to the Internet. The website is encountering problems. There might be a typing error in the address.

What you can try: Check your Internet connection. Try visiting another website to make sure you are connected.

Retype the address.

I don't know where i am missing out.Please help me in sorting out this issue.
5 years ago
Hi i wrote the coding with the help of "IText", a free java library which i got from internet....

the code now i am using is...

This is working fine...but while using this code the pdf documnet get created and stored in the location which i specified..

PdfWriter.getInstance(document,new FileOutputStream("C:/palanivelrajan/ValidData.pdf"));

but what my actual need is to create document and to ask user "save or open"....we have to give the option for storing the document where he needs to save..

what to do for that....

Hi all,

I am developing one web project using Flex/JSP/Java... In my project i have to set two buttons, one for downloading data in excel sheet and other one for downloading data in pdf file..for downloading data in excel sheet i use the following code..

this is working fine...

when i use the same code with some modifications for downloading data in pdf file it is causing problem...
the code which i use is

what type of code i have to use for downloading data in pdf file through jsp...
Hi to all..

I am using one column chart in my project..I am getting data from SAP server to display in this chart..here i want to display the label in x-axis in tilted position..for that i am using followiing code..

But this didn't give any reflection in the chart...

what i have to do now...give me some ideas..
9 years ago
Hi now i am doing an AIR application.In my application i have to add an feature to send email automatically..is this possible..if it is not possible can we send mail by clicking some buttons or by any other events..please guide me in this issue.....thanks in advance....
9 years ago
Is there any possiblity of inserting datas from flex into the tables in SAP server...i am using flex builder3...
9 years ago
Hi to all...

I am developing one tool in flex....in which i have to connect my tool with SAP server and to get datas from SAP server which i have to display in some text boxes...for that i am using WSDL....i am calling that wsdl by using the following code

->here XXX is the operation name and a,b,c,d are the input parameters.....

Here the problem is while executing the functional module in SAP we are getting values but while using this functional module in flex we are getting only null values....
- >Here x and y are the output parameters specified in wsdl.........

I didn't get any errors...but i am getting only null values...suggest me any ideas....
9 years ago
After having 1 year experience in java now i start working in adobe flex and adobe air for the last 3 months..this is nice ..but i stuck with one problem..

I am doing one project using flex,jsp and java..In my project i have to get datas from SAP server and to display it in a datagrid which is kept in the first page of my website..then that whole datas has to be stored in mysql database..then i have to do some data manipulations with that stored data and to display the resulting datas in othere pages...for this scenario i need to connect flex or java with SAP server and to get datas from server and to store it in other database...is it possible??..how can we do it??
9 years ago
THANK YOU JOE.................

I GOT IT.....................
9 years ago
I am a java beginner... I am doing a small standalone application.. In which i am using files..
In my code i want to get customer details and to store it in a file..i am using following code for doing that...

But while using this code..for each execution one file is created and details getting added and in next execution the old file is deleted along with the details....but i need one file is to be created and only details to be added in each execution...help me please....
9 years ago
Hey first understand the syn taxes clearly...

syntax of FOR loop is



syntax for WHILE loop is


even if you use for loop as


we get error message only.. because we don't have any rights to change the syn taxes..
we have to give conditions and initializations in the right places otherwise error will be thrown...
10 years ago

Ulf Dittmer
swapnl patil
fred rosenberger
Jesper Young
Malarvizhi Muthu

for all your valuable descriptions... now i got the coreect idea...
thank you once again....
10 years ago
actually what will be the output for my code because i cant try here..sorry..please give me the output..
10 years ago
Can we overload main()method.Give with example.
10 years ago
can we create instance for an interface...
10 years ago