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Recent posts by Souvik Dasgupta

But since 815 and 816 are retiring, 819 is the only option to go for, October onwards.

Thanks Nic, that worked. But now i am stuck with the page-464 problem and the module is not found. The example is exactly the same as book.

I am trying to create jar file out of the module straight out of the Jeanne/Scott book page-461. But I am getting error. Please find the attached screenshot. What I am doing wrong?

Hi Robin,

Spring certification has nothing to do with Java ceritification as such. None stops you to take Spring certification before Java certification. But if you have not done Java certification(OCP with JDK 8 or 11), I would suggest you go ahead with Java certification first and then jump into Spring cerification. The simple reason being since Spring is a framework built on top of Java. So it always makes sense to make the foundations reasonably sound and being certified   before going to Spring. So please do 1z0-809 before.
2 years ago

The BS book only gives 4 functional interfaces to study for 1z0-815 : Predicate, Supplier, Consumer and Comparator. Does it mean other interfaces are not in 1z0-815? The actual syllabus does not mention any of them. So a little confused here  

Congrats Roberts  
3 years ago


I am not able to buy enthuware exams using Debit Card    not sure why?? Any help?


It is not that bad a score  

1z0-816 exam without a study guide.

Sounds like Voyage across atlantic in a small inflattable boat    Yes, there are slim chances that you will sail through but too risky    
Thanks. Any deadline for 1z0-816 book?

Hi All,

I know these questions might have been asked multiple times but somehow I could not find those threads.

1. What are the best books to prepare for OCA (1z0-815) and OCP(1z0-816)?

2. I could not find Jeanne Boyarsky/Scott Selikoff book in Amazon India. Any idea when the might be available?