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Recent posts by leroy tsruya

Wow, that I am honored to get an answer from you, Bear.
I have a copy of your awesome JQuery in action book. Just wanted to mention hat it is an excellent book and highly recommended for anyone wants to learn JQuery.
I learned a lot from reading it, and I frequently use it on my projects.

Back to the topic, is it better to create a new table every time I want to fill the table with new data (I have a select that each option should fill the table with different info). And what i do is just remove the first table, and put the new table instead?
I actually thought about it as it is much easier, but when I thought of 'filling' the table, it seemed right to have one table and just keep replacing the content only.

Thanks Bear!
Actually I use eclipse as my IDE and have the Andoid plugin. However, when I run the simple 'Hello Android' program, it takes a lot of time to compile.
Is it normal? or maybe my comuter is too slow?
Any recommendations for other good IDEs to run Android on?
13 years ago
I have a html table that I want to fill dynamically with a data I got from an ajax call using JSON.
The table already exits in the page, so the server response doesn't contain the full table, but only data to fill the table.
Is that the right thing to do? my JSON actually contains an array, and I'll use Javascript code to fill the correct data in each row.
I wanted to know if that is the correct way to do it. I googled and didn't find too much info regarding that, so I thought to ask if you guys can direct me to some good links\tutorials about it.
As the title suggests, this book is aimed at higher traffic websites.
Is the book assume that I already have a high traffic site, or does the book is aimed at helping me develop such site that draws traffic in terms of design seo?
Wow, Thank you for taking the time and answer.
That was very clear and helpfull.
As I said, I was actually planning on getting a book to improve my Amdroid skills, and actually make nice application. Your new book seems exactly like what I was looking for
13 years ago
Thanks for the answer!
Yeah it's true, good CSS practice is always welcome
I looked at the table of contents, and I noticed There's a chapter regarding openGL.
I have never used openGL, so my question is, would I have to learn openGL first, or is the information in the book is enough to integrate it within my Android apps?
13 years ago
First, I'd like to mention that by looking at the rich table of contents of the book, it seems the book contains a lot of information and covers a wide range of the subject.
Definately seems like a book i'd like to put my hands on
I'd like to ask though, There is a large variety of Android based devices. Does the book points the differences when developing for different tablets, smartphones?
13 years ago
I am a Web Developer, working alone, developing small web sites.
In my work I use only simple CSS and consider myself as a beginner perhaps intermediate in CSS. Therefore, recently I thought of improving my CSS skills, and planned on getting a book.
As the book's title suggest, It is aimed at Big sites, large projects, and, High Traffic websites.
Do you think such book would be too much for me at that point? Should I start with a book aimed at beginners, and small projects, or does your book suits beginners as well as experts and team leaders?
First, I'd like to say that I am glad to see a book aimed at more advanced CSS users. I looked at the Table of contents and it looks promising.

I'd like to know though, will the frameworks and techniques presented in the book can apply to mobile web pages? Does the book has references to the mobile market as well?
wow Wouter Oet, that is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks
13 years ago
Hi All!

I have some enums in my code:

I want to be able to retrieve the enum, JUN for example, by it's ordinal, 5.
So, i created a static method, inside Month:

now, I also want to make the same method in Days.
Is there a way to make a capsulate class so I won't have to code the same method in all my enums?
13 years ago
Thanks all for the help, especially Rob, you have been a great help for me.
It works perfect now, and I updated other classes I wrote.
Unfortunately, your suggestion seems the only way the code will compile.
Thanks a lot
13 years ago
Wow! Thanks Rob!
It compiles now! No errors at all
However, can you please explain what that line of code means:

And also, if I may.. Is that the best way to do it?
Or, did I complicate it more than it should be?
13 years ago
Rob Prime, once again you are right..
really sorry for the inconvenience...
Here is the code I have, I omitted unrelevant stuff:

This is what I get:

The method setCurrentState(EntityState<capture#2-of ? extends BaseGameEntity>) in the type EntityStateMachine<capture#2-of ? extends BaseGameEntity> is not applicable for the arguments (ItemUnidentifiedState)

13 years ago