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Recent posts by Juan Luis Prieto

Hi I'm compiling a project that uses jersey-server and I am getting the following error:

in my pom I've this defined:

and the depenency appears to be in the maven classpath and local repository.

Can anyone help me to solve this issue? thanks in advance.

12 years ago

I am having an estrange behavior when configuring in a pom file a hibernate plugin and the execution goals. I am having this estrange error:

The pom file is the following and the errors appear where I marked in comments:

Can anyone give me a hint of what the error can be?

Thank you in advance.
12 years ago
Hi Peter,

I'm sure that it is taking the xml file from the classpath as a resource file as I run it with a separate program for testing purposes.


13 years ago
Dear all,

I'm having an issue with the classpath and the zip file that maven creates after running mvn assembly:assembly

The issue is this:
I'm having a problem reading an XML file that I read and use it as a template. My xml file is under /src/main/resouces/ and it is called slmData.xml
when I run the package and do the automatic tests my classes read the file and modify the xml this file is within the jar file.
However, when I create the zip file that contains all the jar dependencies my classes are not able to read this xml file.
Do you know if there's any issue with the class path when doing the assembly? my xml is still within the same jar as generated with the mvn package step.

What my cresources contains

My class:

What the jar (after mvn package) contains

What my zip file (after assembly contiains)

The stack trace:

do you see any issue why it doesn't find anything?

13 years ago
Hi, I've got a problem when running a test with maven.

In my project I connecto to an XML Database (exist). For this I need xmlrcp in order to send the message to the DB.
In my pom I have this as dependencies:

and it imports the jar files properly. The compilation works fine but the problem comes in runtime when performing thes test to the databse. This is the error that I am getting:

So the class is not exported and used in runtime. Do you know any way to fix this? It is driving me crazy and I have no ideas anymore.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago
I'm having a problem getting the correct xml-apis.
I am alwasys getting the xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar even having in my pom explicity that I want to use the 2.0.2 version of it.

The problem is that in the implementation that they have for the org.w3c.dom.Element they don't have implemented all the methods as with the implementation that comes with the java 1.6.0_11 jdk that I have installed. Thus the function bellow doesn't work because the version 1.0.b2 doesnt have the method setTextContent implemented and the compilation fails.

Is it there any way of changing this to force it to use the 2.0.2 version? Or if not to use the api that comes with the jdk

13 years ago
I am having an issue whlie processing the response of a webservice call.

My service is an axis2 WebService where I use rampart as security module. In both sides (client and server) I am using the same certificate, from different copies of the same keystore, to sign the message. The first call is propertly signed and the server certifies the signature and do the business logic. But the problem comes in the response of that call, that when I am processing it I donĀ“t manage to sign the message again.

The error that I get in the log is this one.

and what I recieve is an HTML in stead of the soap message that I should recieve. And the error that I can see in the server side.

The config file looks like this.

and the axis2 is this one

14 years ago
hi all,

I have an axis2 service where I apply rampart security. I am developing a client for this service and when I run the client I get this exception.

The way I have developed the client and how I link rampart is this:

how should I link rampart module to it?
Thanks and Regards.
14 years ago
The parent pom is this.

14 years ago
Hi all,

I am integrating code that I've written with code from other people within the same maven environment.
In Eclipse all the dependencies are correctly done. But when I do a mvn -e compile I get some errors of dependency and in the mvn repository. I have no clue of how to solve them as I am new in maven

This is the log that I can see in the console.

Do you have any idea of how to solve this?


14 years ago
I have fixed it, the problem was the copy that is not in the correct position.
This is how it should be.
I am trying to remove an element from an xml message and I have reached the point to remove the content of the element I want to remove, but not the entire element as I want. I have to do it by applying an stylesheet transformation by xsl.

This is my message and the element I want to remove is <user:username xmlns:user="">juanlu</user:username>

This is the xsl that I am applying to the message.

And this is the exit I have.

Do you know what is wrong with the stylesheet not for it to remove the element I want?

I am trying to create a simple element in the way of <tag>value</tag> I have tried to crate it in a few ways, creating a document and then an element, reading the content from a string and nothing worked because all the time I try to create the element I always have the xml header in front of it, so this is how it looks my element when I print it.

and I only need this

because I need an array of Elements to pass it to my web service client to add them as headers on the soap message.
Of course, when I pass the array with those elements with the header I always have an error because the element is not well formed due to the xml header.
I wonder whether if there is a way of only create an element that doesn't contain the xml header, i.e. just <tag>value</tag>
thanks for it, I didn't pay attention to that basic issue. Dumb!!
14 years ago
I have an issue reading the files from a form that I have contained in to a jsp web. I use this web as a login page so the form has 3 fields, username, password, url.
all with a different name to avoid reading issues. The issue is that only the first field is been read doesn't matter how you call it. The other 2 values will remain as NULL.

This is the form, and the files involved on the reading.

14 years ago