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Recent posts by Peter Jennings

Justin Fox wrote:is it possible to clear the cache using javascript or by some other means? Having to re-open the browser is a pain.


The traditional solution is to append random characters to the URL you are getting so that the browser won't recognize it as being the same URL.

google: prevent ajax cache for many solutions.

If you are using jquery, you can use this to prevent caching of ajax gets.

Eric Pascarello wrote:That Amaozn thing is still not working with the database directly, it is equivalent of hitting a servlet.


Yes, of course. But it does have the advantage of letting someone else maintain the server hardware and only program in javascript and without having to worry about scaleability.

I don't know how performance would compare with a servlet on a shared server with a MySQL database. But I will soon find out, as I just started using it for a project I am working on...

Ajay Singh wrote:Thanks for the reply
I was looking into this technique so as to speed up the query,reduce overload etc while directly interacting with the database instead of going to a db through a servlet.Is there any
other technology/framework which can help me in this regard?


You can use Amazon's SimpleDB database and do it all from Javascript. It is free for a generous amount of usage ( ~ 1GB and a couple million transactions).

Check out this example Javascript demo:
Steven Levithan's dateformat.js is not bad for formatting dates.

Or you can learn from the code if you don't need the whole thing.

anusha chaitanya wrote:Hi kartik, don't go with innerHTML. Why because it works only with IE. When using chrome or firefox or any other browser it wont work.

Not quite.

Check W3C DOM Compatibility

innerHTML works on most browsers and it is faster in most cases. IE and Konqueror have issues with tables.

There are debates about whether to use it or not, but not because it is only IE compatible. That was true in 1996, but things have moved on a bit.

Keerthi Kumar wrote:Hi,

Error: Expected';'
Code: 0

Maybe you are missing a ;

Mark Spritzler wrote:Sorry Peter, the slide rule wasn't an iPhone app, so I removed that post.

This thread needs to be just iPhone apps.


No problem. I thought webapps written specially for the iphone would be in the acceptable gray area:

Especially since Apple has listed it now:
Analog Scientific Calculator

Webapps being mainly Javascript...


13 years ago
Can I show our web app?

Pocket Guide to World History

Apple recently listed our Pocket Guide to World History in their web app directory.

The "real" app is still in development.

13 years ago
The Techulus blog has a handy summary of direct apple links to all the iphone updates if you have a jailbroken phone and want to load different versions for testing.

Other blog posts explain how to install a firmware update as a system restore.
13 years ago