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Recent posts by Cristian Curelaru

Hi there,

I was wondering if somebody has experienced this or can comment:
Everything works fine for a week or so, the all of the sudden, Websphere (6.1) throws java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. So, the day before it was working fine and if you restart the Webserver it works fine again. So, obviously, the class is there.

The theory right now is that jvm is running OutOfMemory in the PermGen space. But I don't see that as I cause in the stack trace;

Also, I don't access to that environment to check if a memory option like "XX:MaxPermSize=256m" is in use.

The thing is the above "throwable" is caught in my code, Log4j-ed and thrown again as LBRequestManager exception. I wasn't catching "throwables" in the begging, but Websphere would actually choke while trying to log the stack trace if the error would surface to it. Funny, it would fail with another NoClassDefFound:

The other thing is this class, the appache commons one, is part of commons-httpclient-3.0.jar, which my webapp deploys. But the webserver might have different versions of this as well. Could this be a problem. I was thinking no since it's in "parent last" class loading mode, and also it would be a different error perhaps ...

Other clues on how to debug this ? Any tools to monitor class loading on IBM's JVM?


12 years ago