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Recent posts by Ida Achi

I need a regex pattern that matches strings "A." and "A.";
Following code does not work. Thanks in advance for any hints.

8 years ago
All I have is a MySQL database with a couple of tables. I need to use Excel to generate test cases ( stored procedure test, type test, data size test, input verification) for the database. No Junit or SQL unit.
Is this even possible?
12 years ago
I just need a direction, ideas on how and where to begin.
I need to use Excel to write test cases for a database with several tables. What should I be looking for?
For instance can I write test data in excel for table below? Please help. Thanks

- Table `viterra`.`partner`
-- -----------------------------------------------------
12 years ago


I'd like to work on a JSF 1.2 framework web application using MyFaces but now I've come across Tomahawk, Trinidad, Tobago and Sandbox for Tomahawk. It couldn't get more confusing.
Now, which of these three component suites would be most recommendable in terms of ease of use e.t.c? What are the fundamental differences anyway?
I'll be really happy to get a response on this. Thanks.
12 years ago


I was too quick to write that it works. Now I'm on the simulator's front page where on the right are Diagnostic exam, Practice exams and final exam. I want to start with the diagnostic exam, I click on it and nothing happens. On the left I get questions like "What do you think about out software?..." and Thank you for using Exam Lab. How does this software work?


Thanks. It finally worked. Will definitely make donations after passing exam.
Hallo Devaka,

I forgot to include that my machine is running on Windows XP. Do I delete pre-existing Microsoft Jet drivers and reinstall ExamLab Scjp6 afresh?

I previously had ExamLab scjp 5 running smoothly on my machine. I'm having trouble installing(launching) the ExamLab for SCJP6.
The ExamLab scjp setup runs fine and issues only start when the Microsoft Jet driver installation begins. I get asked if I'd like to keep some already existing Microsoft Jet drivers that were already installed in my machine because they are newer than the ones currently installing. I say yes and setup completes with sucessfully installed message. Only I can't launch the ExamLab Scjp6. Could somebody please assist?
Thank you. That definitely makes life alot easier for me now. I've burnt it in my brain. I'll also print this out and stick it on my fridge just in case.

Nice people, please kindly explain to me the steps in the below flow control that leads to the answer 0 1 1 1 2 3 3
I'm really beginning to develop negativity towards such questions because I get it right at times and at times not. Please help me understand.
Thank you in advance.

Thanks mate. I just get overly confused at times.

Please explain me the following statement maybe with a code example:

HashMap allows one null key and multiple null values in a collection.

Thank you.

Please help me understand why C and E are correct answers. The question is from K and B


And given these two fragments:

I. synchronized void move(long id) {
II. void move(long id) {

When either fragment I or fragment II is inserted at line 7, which are true? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Compilation fails
B. With fragment I, an exception is thrown
C. With fragment I, the output could be 4 2 4 2
D. With fragment I, the output could be 4 4 2 3
E. With fragment II, the output could be 2 4 2 4


C and E are correct. E should be obvious. C is correct because even though move() is
synchronized, it's being invoked on two different objects.

Please assist me understand why the following code prints 4 and not 3? Thanks

From K and B SCJP6 master exams

The answer to following question are A, B and F.
I can understand A and B being correct but F?
F could put a car in the Fruit basket.
Why are T and E not considered correct? Please explain.


Which inserted at //insert code here, will compile???

A. class pie<T extends Food> {
B. class Pie<T extends Fruit> {
C. class Pie<T extends Apple> {
D. class Pie<T extends Pie> {
E. class Pie<T super Apple>
F. class Pie<T> {