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Recent posts by Anil kumar Sakala

I want to print all the classes or jars that are present in class path.
Is it possible how to do this.
Please suggest.
13 years ago
I want the examples to be specific to web logic 10.3.
Sun documentation doesnot provide examples specific to web logic 10.3
I want ejb2.1 CMP entity bean examples using weblogic server 10.3.
Please tell where i can find these examples.
I am desperately in need of them.
1) Downloaded struts2-2.2.1-all
2) Using import from eclipse IDE I imported struts2-blank-2.2.1.war
3) Deployed in weblogic and started weblogic.

I got the following error during start up
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javassist.ClassPool

These are the libs included in WEB-INF/lib folder


I am struggling with this error from 2 days.
Please help.
13 years ago
I got the solution for the above problem.
Satndalone programs donot require stub classes , because these are dynamically downloaded from the weblogic server .

13 years ago
I installed weblogic 10.3.3.
I configured weblogic in eclipse and able to deploy from eclipse.
I developed an EJB and deployed them on the weblogic server from eclipse IDE.
From what I understand, stubs and skeleton classes will be generated when we deploy.
But how do I get those stubs to call it using a standalone client.
Where are these stub clsses located . Can we get them in the form of jar.
13 years ago
OS :Windows XP Professional version 2002 , Service Pack 3.

Hard ware :
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x 2Dual core processor3800 + 2.00 GHz,
2 GB of ram.
hard disk : 80GB
13 years ago
I tried downloading weblogic from oracle site .
Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.3) + Coherence + OEPE - Package Installer.
The download has started and after downloading 500MB it stopped downloading and download is getting terminated.
I tried number of times but i see the same problem.
Can any one help me in downloading weblogic ?
13 years ago
I want to know wether jboss can act as ftp server ? . If possible what additional configurations have to be made in jboss so that it acts as ftp server.
14 years ago
I want to acess an object that is registered with JNDI from a stand alone program .Can any one give me the code to do that?
What is JNDI ? I am not getting clear picture. According to me JNDI is like o java object maintained by JVM from which we can get he object that are registered with JNDI. Am i correct?
I want one java program to run as and when the computer is started ?
Can any one tell me how to achieve this?
14 years ago
Why dont we use constructors for initialization ?
Is there any special reson to use static initialization block ?
Can we initialize non static members using static initializaion blocks?
14 years ago