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Karthik Chandraraj

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since Oct 07, 2009
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Recent posts by Karthik Chandraraj

I have good experience in Java EE.
Now I am learning about OSGi , I can understand what OSGi is trying to address (Modularity)

But my doubts are

1) OSGi will be good for client applications, but what abt enterprise web applications?
2) Can OSGi run on top of Java EE application servers?
3) is OSGi useful only for standalone Java applications?
4) Can OSGi be used along with Java EE?
Hi Guys,
Please suggest me a single book to learn EJB 3.0 and clear the SCBCD 5.0 exam.

I searched other topics, but people are suggesting lot of books. I cannot buy all of them.

Please suggest me a single book to clear SCBCD 5.0?
Guys Check this out I solved my problem

I can log-in now and can view my result there...
Also I got my Certificate..
14 years ago
Hi all,

I cleared my SCJP 5 certification on June 2009. But still i didnt recevied my certificate.(It is already 4 months now. )

So i tried to check the Sun Certification Database at

But when I Click "First Time Users" and try to create a log-in.

It throws an error

"Please correct the following:
We could not find a user meeting the specified criteria. Please review the criteria and try again."

I emailed to the following ids, but no reply

Please help me.

Next month i am planing to take up Web Component Exam, but i fear whether i am eligible or not?

Please help to resolve this. I am in Chennai, India.


14 years ago