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Recent posts by Greg Fox

I'm running into a problem with using Jersey @InjectLink. I'm using the following injection which works except for the fact that my '?' gets converted to "%3F" which causes a 404 if the resulting link is used.

@InjectLink(value = "${resource.uriInfo.path}?expand={expand}&offset={offset}&limit={limit}", rel = "self", style = InjectLink.Style.ABSOLUTE)

Is there any way to escape the '?' so that it doesn't get encoded on me?
8 years ago
Just for anyone else that has the same question as I did. I called Sun Training and they told me that the Upgrade exam is a different exam.
I have picked up the HF book as well and it is a good read so far. When I studied for the original exam there was NOTHING available since it was a new exam. This book will mean less API memorizing than I had the first time.

If the exam has fewer questions and a different focus, then I will need to take the full exam. Does anyone know the answers to my original post for certain?
The classes in the WEB-INF are not directly accessable. The classes are placed there but they are not directly accessed. Think about where you put files such as HTML and JSP files. These are the types of files that are directly accessable.
I passed the original exam back in 2001 and I now need to get certified on the latest version with 1.4.

Does anyone know if the 310-082 exam is the same as the 310-081 exam? The 082 version is the upgrade exam and it is $50 cheaper. My guess was that they simply gave it a different number to allow upgrading for a cheaper price.

Does anyone know if the newer exam is significantly different from the older exam? For the original exam, I pretty much crammed on the Professional JSP book and memorized a lot of stuff from the appendix. Is this still the way to go?

Is the Professional JSP 2nd Edition still a relevant resource? My thought was to cram on that book again and look up the changes that were added for the 1.3 and 1.4 versions.

Obviously I would need to take the mock exams as well. I tried the Java Ranch one today and got a 64. I guess I didn't forget everything

Thanks for any help you can offer.
I completed my Architect certification 3 years ago but unfortunately worked on other Java software since then (Corba, Swing). I have a major job interview next week for a J2EE Architect position using IBM products.

I have almost completed reading "Designing Enterprise Applications with J2EE Platform, Second Edition" on the Sun site.

Can anyone recommend some reading that I could do over the next week to get my brain back on track for an Architect interview.
I need to write a sample program to demonstrate the basics of JCA. In previous releases of J2EE they provided BlackBox adapters which connected to a database. This allowed you to show how JCA works without having to have an EIS and a custom adapter.

I cannot find the BlackBox adapters with J2EE 1.4.

Are they still available with 1.4 or is there another adapter provided which could be used in my sample?
Context context = new InitialContext();
ConnectionFactory connectionFactory =
Connection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
session = connection.createSession(false,

I am trying to run a simple JMS application using the Sun AppServer 8.

I constantly get a NoInitialContextException. I know about setting up properties and passing them as a parameter to the InitialContext constructor, but I am not sure what the appropriate information is for the default server.

Can someone give me a quick tutorial on how to run a simple JMS chat app. using Sun AppServer 8? Please provide me with the properties that I would need to set for the InitialContext.

All I really need to do is verify that my code works and I can be done for the day.

Thanks in advance.
I have been searching through the Tomcat docs and experimenting with the Administrative Tool and cannot figure out how to Deploy a WAR from the tool. I know that I can also do it using http commands, but can't you simply select Deploy from the Administrative Tool somehow and browse to your WAR? I have experience with WebSphere and WebLogic and can do this in both of those servers.
19 years ago
I checked out the Study Guide today and the Component Diagrams didn't have any packages. They were very simple. It think I am ready to just submit my assigment and see how it turns out.
Congratulations! Amazing score.
Did you use packages in your Component Diagram or just use stereotyped components with dendencies between them?
It is more likely that the technology will move forward and you will want to get certified in a version that includes the newer features. For example, businesses may want to use Message Beans which are covered with the current exam. I don't think they invalidate the certifications that you already have.
Do they provide good Component Diagram examples? I would love to know what they look like.
Well!!! I liked the ideas from the book, however, neither Rose nor Together can handle them.
I cannot get Rose to display the contents of a package in place. You have to open each package individually. That means that instead of 1 diagram to look at, I will have to look at several to get the picture.
Together doesn't seem to allow steretypes for packages (subsystems).
Does anyone know how to get the contents of packages in a Component Diagram to show up in place. I have an Enterprise Application Package that contains several EJB Packages. I want them all to show up on the same diagram so that I can see all of the contents at the same time on one page.
So far all Rose allows is for me to double click the packages to see the contents. That means that I will have to print 10 pages instead of 1 when the contents would fit on a single page.