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Recent posts by Sumit Tambekar

Hi Friends,

Below are interview questions for Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA suite) - EAI Developer or consultant or Technical lead position -

1) What is SOA, Oracle SOA suite, BPEL, ESB
2) Designer for Business process
3) difference between BPEL and ESB
4) role of XML in EAI
5) activities in BPEL
6) transactions and fault (exception) management
7) Run time components of SOA
8) calling external web service
9) calling asynch BPEL process within empty BPEL process
10) combination of ESB and BPEL and third party web services
11) java embedding
12) BPEL and ESB console
14) Adapter - concepts, integration, life-cycle mngmt, translation errors
15) Oracle E-Biz adapter and capturing event from oracle ERP
16) fine tuning BPEL process
17) deployment framework
18) business rules and AIA
19) email notification and rejection handler
20 ) patches and installation - unix based and windows based
21) external resource management (example MQ shared library and third party jar files)
22) OAS administration - /
23) JMS and connection pools
24) transformation and iteration
25) which are the areas you think Oracle SOA fits perfectly
[answer - EAI with real-time data transfer, need heavy data communication with rich business logic, Oracle ERP in existing environement]
26) loose coupling and control at central point (orchestration vs. choreography)

Java related questions with respect to EAI -
1) XML and XSD
2) JAXp and JAXb
3) collections
4) web container and application server

Have a happy learning. Sharing is the best knowledge source.
12 years ago