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Recent posts by Niv Tyagi

Take a look at displayTag.
If you wanna go JS route i would recommend ExtJS.

12 years ago

First rule do not refer to any microsoft links when developing.
These suckers have no idea about development.
The link refers to web servers and then talks about tomcat it does not get better than this.(fun intended).
You can ignore this link.

Try JAXB , have been using it for a while not and it suites almost all kinds of XML.
I have already played with castor/ XMLBean but would recommend JAXB.

When dealing with performance issue the best approach is "Divide & Rule"

Separate out individuals modules and note the time taken by each module as your request flows thru the application.

1. Check the time in server logs taken for each module. Best thing is to log em.
2. DB calls should be timed separately . (Run the query stand alone directly in DB and record the time)
3. Try to isolate any network problems.
4. Memory issues can also lead to slowness. Adding JVM logging and check the logs for any Major GC events.

12 years ago

Have you tried :

12 years ago

getting a client IP in an application running behind load balancer is not possible. most of the time you will get the same IP address and cannot distinguish between the users.
Try this URL : and see the ip you get and what is in the end logged in the web servers/ load balancer logs..

What are you trying to achieve here ?? may be i can help you with and alternative approach ?
12 years ago

Sriram Sharma wrote:The explanations were pretty clear.
Thanks for that Mr.Tyagi...

Now, I have few more questions...

1. Cant we deploy war or ear in web servers? I believe we can!
<darthvader> No this cannot be done. web servers are inherently used to furnish only static content in java/j2ee world</darthvader>

2. When I googled for this, came across with some interesting information. It goes here in the next line.
"The Web server can directly reference WAR files, and there is no need to extract them back into directories and files in order to deploy them" - How is it that a webserver direcly accessess a war file? What is it that is happening here?
<darthvader> Not sure what you mean by "directly reference". But i will add this, web servers can be made smart enough to understand what request to furnish and what to send to app server to process. In apache this is accomplished by & modJK. </darthvader>

3. Can't we just do with app server alone? Why is a web server needed at all? If webserver can hold static contents, cant the app servers do that as well
<darthvader> You can, nothing stops you from using the appserver alone, but in case of big enterprise application you can offload the appserver by using a web server as a front end. </darthvader>

Somebody.. please help me out in this.


I have worked with struts validation framework in past:
12 years ago

Firebug is your friend.

you can debug JS via firebug. change CSS, edit html and what not.
I used firebug almost everyday/everyhour.

Not this flash..
I have updated the subject to be relevant to my question.
12 years ago
Can someone help me with getting trained on flash.
Looking for weekend in person classes for flash, would like the training to be in greater Atlanta Area.

12 years ago

You will need resourceBundle.jar added to META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file inside the ear file.
Not sure how you are building your ear file but make sure the above file and an entry for resourceBundle.jar.
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path:abce.jar, axy.jar,resourceBundle.jar
12 years ago

Friday afternoon, its time to drink.
My Favorite drink Alcohol..

12 years ago

Problem may not be with the war file. error indicates some resource missing. Are you using a resource bundles.
I believe you need to pkg the resources (eg properties files..) as well along with the war file and deploy it on the client's machine.

12 years ago