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Recent posts by fu bace

Thanks for the advices guys. I think i am gonna by one

Hi Bert. As you said i was talking about the pixel counts. This mac has a resolution of 1200x800. Physical size is important too. Even a pc has a resolution of 1600x900 if it is 13", images and the writings will be seen very small. I mean only resolution is not enough.
13 years ago
Hi. In general I am building j2ee web applications with spring framework and hibernate. Tomcat or Jboss for AS and Mysql for database.

I am planing to buy a 13" macbook pro has 4 gb ram core 2 duo 2.26 ghz but i am not sure even this specifications are enough, can macbook provide me a flexible development environment. Resolution is very important for me in code writing and i will by a LCD monitor too.

What is your opinion about macbook in software development?
13 years ago

Harshit Sethi wrote:But return type can be changed if we are using covariant returns

Compiler gives an error if you do something like

int equals(Object o)
Object class has a method

boolean equals(Object obj)

and has a signature of equals(Object obj)

in my code equals method has a signature of

equals(Team t)

Ok I got it. Thanks


"To override a method, you need the same signature."

this sentence is half correct. Should be

"To override a method, you need the same signature and return type"

cause return type does not count in signature.
Hi i expected an output

false true

but the output is

false false

I know that if a subclass doesnt override the equals method of the Object class that class uses the equals method of Object class but here Test class is overriding the equals method.


i have two mapping file

if i wrote

Customer customer = (Customer)userDao.getUserById(1);

it gives an error

00:02:36,274 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter:101 - Unknown column 'customer1_.basket_id' in 'on clause'

if i delete the line
<one-to-one name="customer" class="com.ebazaar.customer.model.Customer" property-ref="basket" lazy="false"/>
in Basket.hbm.xml

it doesnt give any error but i cant reach from customer from basket like this.
basket = basketDao.getBasketById(1);
basket.getCustomer(); //null

Do you have any idea???

i changed


in web.xml and it worked but i dont have any idea.
14 years ago
As you see above, exception occurs when i refer ModelMap key in c:out. Tiles is working in first and second jsp. The problem is with third jsp
14 years ago
Hi i have a multiactioncontroller and have this method

and i have a jsp

prints temp

prints temp

exception occurs

Do you have any idea. if you wonder i am using tiles.

14 years ago
did you find any solution for this?
14 years ago
Any idea? I'm really confused about this issue
Scenario is this. When user orders two product from different shops there has to
be two shipment for that order and two ShopOrder object is created for that Order.

class Order{
long id;
Set<ShopOrder> shopOrders;

class ShopOrder{
long id;
Order order,
Shipment shipment;

class Shipment{
long id;
Date shippedDate;
Date deliveredDate;
ShopOrder shopOrder;

When I want to list Orders that hasn't been finished yet
(If one of the shipment is not delivered that means order didnt finished yet)
What should the query will be
and if i crate a shipment attribute in Order class then what should the query will be?
(Think all associations bidirectional)

and last question. Should i make an association between Order and Shipment class. What is the criteria of making association?
I think that lack of association only makes writing queries much complex. Number of join queries increases etc. Am i right?

Hi i heard soundex too. But the language is a important point at that point.

You said 3rd party tool. I think I should use levensthein with Lucene, Solr or something else that are related to these which makes the select queries much faster by the help of indexes.
I am not sure if i wrote this on the right category.

My question is this. For example i have a product table and there is a column name product_title.

When user searches a record in this table, if he searchs for example "nokai n 97" or "nokai n97" i should say did you mean this "nokia n97".

I searched for string matchin algorithms and i found levensthein. I used it but it is so slow as expected.

What are your opinions about this subject. What should i do, how should i do?
Any idea?
14 years ago