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jami siva

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Recent posts by jami siva

jami siva wrote:Hi

Any one have SCJP Voucher, who don't want to write exam with in 2 months then Informe me.
I need SCJP Voucher. I am Planning to give exam in this month.


I didn't understand the use of hashCode() for just comparing the objects.
I think to just compare the objects, overriding the equals() method is enough and no need to override the hashCode() method.
But If we want to store those objects in side HashSet and HashMap, overriding of both equals() and hashCode() is required.

Is that my understanding correct? or If not, please explain me the use of hashCode() to just compare the objects.

Appreciate your help.
7 years ago
Thanks Mike.

After i added hostname to IP address mapping in host file, I got another error.

ERROR [] Exception caught while (preparing for) performing the invocation: Cannot get target bean instance

Can you help me what is the root cause of this and How to get rid of this.

8 years ago
In our Java project, We are accessing some other third party WSDL, which contains another wsdl file inside Main wsdl file.

Main wsdl file i was able to access and included WSDL file they are referring with hostname.

If i try to open included WSDL file, it is not opening, but if i changed included wsdl file host name to IP address, the included WSDL file also able to access.

Even if i try to generate client classes by using wsimport it is giving me below error.
Failed to parse the WSDL.

For sample, this is the Main WSDL. <import location> is the sub url which contains hostname instead of IP address, if i try to open sub url, it is opening, and if i changed that sub url host name to ip address i was able to login.

8 years ago
I want to get implementation class name by using interface object.
Is there any way to do this.
I know, I can use instanceof check with the implementation object vs Interface object.
But in my application there are nearly 20 to 30 classes implemented same interface to override one particular method. I want to figure out which particular method is going to call.

Your answers are highly appreciated. Thanks.
8 years ago

Can you please clarify me why overridden doesn't apply to variables. However, instance variables are stored inside the object.
I ran below program and expected to print "two" but it gets printed "one".

8 years ago
How to stream the records to till GUI Layer.
Say for example, I have a relsultset and i need to convert this to POJO objects and store these objects in any one of the collection. Then only i can do my operations.
9 years ago
Can some one tell me how to retrieve millions of records from DB with out effecting any performance and causing out of memory.

I faced this question in interview and told him that i can achieve the same thing by using pagination but he want me to hit the DB at one time only.

Is there any strategy to achieve this?


9 years ago
Still I was not understand where we use Singleton. Same thing we can achieve by using static method with in the class.
Again one interviewer asked me same question.

9 years ago
How to test method without no return value by using JUnit.

void add(int a, int b) {
int c= a + b;
How to test above method by using Junit in Java.
9 years ago
The Issue is not with only spaces it removes , and ? this also.

That is why i am expecting different implementation.
9 years ago
Can you write a function that will replace all tokens delimited by @ with a given String?
Sample Input = “Hello @name@, where are you @name@?”

I am expecting out this way: Hello Jami, where are you Jami?

But i am getting this way "HelloJamiwhereareyouJami" when I tried with below logic. Can any One would give better example will be helpful.

9 years ago
I saw ConcurrentHashMap API class, but in that I didn't find any method or block with synchronized keyword. Then How ConcurrentHashMap is synchronized.

9 years ago
Thank you Yang and Jeff. My doubt got clear.
9 years ago