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Recent posts by sushi sri


I want to call the escape functionlity using javascript.(with out using keyboard) in my code.

I tried using var event = document.createEvent("KeyboardEvent");
event.initKeyboardEvent("keypress", true, true, null, false, false, false, false, 27, 0);

But getting error object doeanot suport this property or method.

Is there any way to capture the event so that i can use event.keycode=27(which is for esc).


I've installed CVSNT on windows and tryingto create usre permission as follows

created group file as follows in cvsroot
ntadmin: ntadmin1
ntdev: ntusr1
nttest: ntusr2
ntmgr: ntusr3
ntcreate: ntadmin2

I have created users in windows and with cvs passwd command aliased the users as ntadmin1, ntadmin2, ntusr1 ntusr2, ntusr3
All the users i created are in passwd file.

Created the acl's as follows
E:\CVSNT>cvs chacl -u ntadmin -a all -R .
setting ACL for directory .

E:\CVSNT>cvs chacl -u ntdev -a read,write -R .
setting ACL for directory .

E:\CVSNT>cvs chacl -u nttest -a read -R .
setting ACL for directory .

E:\CVSNT>cvs chacl -u ntmgr -a read,create -R .
setting ACL for directory .

E:\CVSNT>cvs chacl -u ntcreate -a create -R .
setting ACL for directory .

E:\CVSNT>cvs chacl -a none -R .
setting ACL for directory .

All read and create permissions are working fine for the users.
Write permission is working fine for ntadmin1 user as he have all the permissions set to him.
But the problem I amfacing is,
For the user tusr1, who is under group ntdev and have read and write permission is unable to commit the file to the repository. Getting the error message as follows
cvs commit -m "no message" -- activitybyday.xsl (in directory E:\ntusr1\sunnyd\xsl)
Checking in activitybyday.xsl;
/cvsrep/sunnyd/xsl/activitybyday.xsl,v <-- activitybyday.xsl
new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1
cvs [server aborted]: cannot rename file /cvsrep/sunnyd/xsl/,activitybyday.xsl, to /cvsrep/sunnyd/xsl/activitybyday.xsl,v: Permission denied

***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****

Note: Iā€™m trying to commit a file which is in subdirectory and I ahd set permission with ā€˜.ā€™. this is working for ntadmin1 but not working for the user ntusr1 who have write permission exclusively.

Pelase, advise if am doing any mistake.

Thanks & Regards
Thanks for the support all.

with the replies i got to understand how to do and was able to install cvsnt successfully on Linux.

In reply to Peter question on the other locked question in the forum, as i'm new to Linux and missing the install steps of cvsnt on Linux, i raised linux questions here and for install guide in the other.

Both are inter related to each other. i agree it messed up with each other.

so, closing this here and raising the next continuation part on another question in the 'IDEs, Version Control and other tools' again.

Thanks all for your help and looking forward for the next.
14 years ago

I've installed cvsnt- on Linux RH v4.
And to proceed with next, i've to configure it.

I've idea how to make use of this with wincvs.
So, I need help from setting up the server, till to the above oint that to on Linux.

If any body have idea on this Please, provide the required help


I'm trying to install CVSNT on Linux 'cvsnt-'.
after download i've got the etc and usr folders after unzipping it.
I just got the Readme fiel where it says

Please read the INSTALL file for installation instructions. Brief summary:

$ ./configure
$ make
(run the regression tests if desired)
$ make install
(create a repository if you don't already have one)

Being a newbee i got to know that i've to make the configure which is the 1st step by the bin folder available from the download.
I didn't see any install instruction for the CVSNT.

So, wanted to know how to do this.
btw, i've downloaded the s/w from ''
( which is the free download of opensource CVSNT)

14 years ago

I'm installing a tool on Linux system.
For this installation, i didn't have the installation document.
I got to know that have to create configure file from the bin folder.
I'm a newbee in Linux.
Can any body help me.

14 years ago

For this installation,
I got to know that we've to create configure file from the bin folder.
I'm a newbee in Linux.
Can any body help me.


I'm using Linux Redhat v4 to install CVSNT.(cvsnt-
I didn't find installation docuemnt of that in the downloaded.

Could any body provide me with the install docuemnt or where can i find the document.

Your help is highly appreciable.

in my project i'm using same pool for all webapps only.
14 years ago

I'm getting this error
org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot load JDBC driver class ',net.sf.log4jdbc.DriverSpy'
when i add another class like below
14 years ago
yes, you are right. it's a typo error and not able to catch.
Thanks to all for the help.

I've a doubt regarding the combo selection.

When i'm getting the combo vlaues and default combo select value from database, why can't we set the default selection(compare and set as selected) when we writing the values of combo.

Which i'm doing now on, body=onload() event.

'elements[...]' is null or not an object
Line: 17
Char: 7
Code: 0

Followed to the earlier reply i've another issue in setting the vlaue to the dynamically generated field.

how to set value to the amt+i field.
I tried 2,3 ways but not able to set.

Thanks for the help Eric.

document.formName.elementName.value == document.formName.amt+i.value
document.forms["formName"].elementName.value == document.forms["formName"].amt+i.value)

With the above two i'm getting value as undefined.

document.forms["formName"].elements["elementName"].value == document.forms["formName"].elements["amt"+i].value
document.forms[index].elements["elementName"].value == document.forms[0].elements["amt"+i].value

with the above 2 are causing script errors.

i feel we can't do this.

If any body have solution, please do post it.

14 years ago
thanks a lot Dittmer.
That worked for me.