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it worked

Thanks you very much Bear
Thank you Bear.
I am all new to this thing and can't figure out how to do this.
Can you please help me on alternatives?
Hi All,

My program is a simple one which takes a string and converts it to a barcode and then returns pdf file with that barcode as response.
I want to open a save as box on the browser for the user to save this barcode pdf file.

This is what I am doing:

I am using ajax for this.
but the response does not open a save as dialogue instead it shws whatever was returned as text.

Please help.
at step 3 's' refers to "abcdef" and "def" is a string literal which is lost in string literal pool because none of the reference variable pointing to it.

do you have any other doubt?

You should search the forum before posting a question, It has been asked before.

For now, I can give you an explaination:

c.aob = a.aob and a.aob =b so effectively, c.aob = b.
So when c.aob = null means b = null now b also has and object b.aob which will also be eligible for gb if b is nulled.
So, there are two objects one referred by 'b' and one that is referred by 'b.aob'.

Hi all,

I am using XPath to scrape html page in a groovy project, I want to list all script tags with 'type' attribute but without 'src' attribute.
How do I do this, when I use 'and' or 'not' I get error about them not being a function.

13 years ago
you can never be ready more than this...this is perfect score. if you score 63% on examlab you are scoring 90+ or may be 100 in real exam.
Nested classes are divided into two categories: static and non-static. Nested classes that are declared static are simply called static nested classes. Non-static nested classes are called inner classes or member classes.
13 years ago
I gave my exam in january 2010 and that time serialisation was not in the course anymore so check it on oracles website for exam objectives.

The answers are erased only for drag and drop questions.
after line 4 myint is assigned to arr[i] at line 5 so object reffered by myint has another reference at line 5 and hence it cant be GCed until the method has completed.
Read the chapter in K&B carefully it says that a quantifier will check it for the position after the last character in the string. That is the position next to last character and in this case it matches the pattern to me matched which is 0 or more .

well I am late
can you please tell me clearly whats your question?
did you try thid after removing the constructors??