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Recent posts by Manny Hernandez

I'll keep it short, guys. How can I save a view before
it "invalidates()" -- like taking a snapshot of it, then
rendering it again before drawing another set of
things to the View.

Note: my current solution is kind of stupid -- that is,
I take a snapshot of the View, save it to a file,
load it again, then draw new stuff, then draw it again.

By the way, my app draws things using touch. I save
it in an ArrayList, delete everything from the
ArrayList with each invalidate().

I hope that makes sense.
12 years ago
Thank you for the suggestions, but... I still fail to see how this would
help the problem: saving from SurfaceView.

Hmm... It could be that I just made a bad decision for my solution
for view. So I'll probably create a new thread for that.
12 years ago
Would it be as fast as SurfaceView?
12 years ago
I've exhausted all gooogle-search efforts on looking
for a solution for this one. I'm currently developing
an app that draws on the screen as you drag your
fingers. I've done this successfully with a SurfaceView
but the project requires it to be saved to a file.

However, when I do try to save the image, it only
saves a black screen(which is usually the issue
when people try to do this).

Apparently you can do this using a View, and I've
somehow managed a work-around to do this. The
problem is with my solution, the application runs
to a crawl. So using the View is not acceptable.

Please help.

I would include code, but I've made so much changes
to it that all remnants of the one with a SurfaceView
is gone. (I'll try to rewrite it again if I have to for
a solution for this)

12 years ago
Hi guys,

Not really sure where to post this, or if this topic's even relevant,
but I need some advice. My university's entering me in one of
those Java competition for different schools. That's great and all,
but the thing is, I'm not really that big in competing - i.e., I program
because I enjoy the puzzles and whatnot -- for my own selfish reasons.

Strange, though, as I'm a bit nervous now, and I wouldn't want
to turn down this honor. I know I probably won't win, however, I
don't want to embarrass myself and all that.

So the question really is, do you guys have any tips on preparing
for these events(apparently my genetic code doesn't have any
event-handlers implemented for these)? (You know, like tips on
how not to wet your pants? Hehe.)

Thanks in advance!
12 years ago
Thank you, Paul!
12 years ago
Yes, I understand, but just to be clear, the rest of the code
in the method doesn't run UNTIL a connection is received,
12 years ago
Is it possible for you to translate the German words into English?
It's really hard to debug a code that you don't know the purpose
of each variable and method.
12 years ago

I've come across this code in the Head First Java 2nd edition book
where I need to shed some light on. First, please see the code
snippet below from page 521:

Now, the question. Since there's a while loop in this method
that's running infinitely, shouldn't this print the "got a connection"
string infinitely? When you complete the program, you'll
see that this isn't the case. So I'm thinking that the
whole while loop stops at this point in the code before proceeding:

Socket clientSocket = serverSock.accept();

So is the accept() method running its own infinite loop? (one
that returns the control to the calling method only if there is
a value that's been provided?) Is it safe to say that this
accept() method has some infinite iteration that does the following:

while( accept == null ) {
//code for assigning value to null
//return SocketObject
12 years ago
Thanks for the reply, Henry.

I guess there's really no way out of this "no degree" thing, huh? I'd just have to find work that's non-programming related, while getting my degree.
14 years ago
Hey people, it's my first post here at Javaranch! I've read various posts, looking for guidance, but no luck. By the way, this is a great community! Love the people here.

I'm in need some advice. I'm 22 years old; I've dropped-out of college from a University here in the Philippines, and have only had two jobs. One being a Gateway Operator for 6 mos. with this satellite company, and the other as a call-center agent(which didn't last as long).

Anyway, I've been vacant for over a year now, and I decided to go and study Java on my own. I really like it, but I doubt if I can get any job as a Java programmer(but I would really, really love to) -- as most companies are looking for degree holders. I don't really have the financial freedom to go back to school, so I have to get a job. So my question is:

Would simply having a SCJP certificate get you through the door without a degree?

If so, I plan to do the following:

1.)Get SCJP certified.
2.)Apply for a Java Programming job.
3.)Finish my degree while working.

(I know you probably think I'm day-dreaming -- looking for a programming job without experience or a degree-- but that's why I need you guys/gals to knock some sense into me)

Also, if experience is what they're looking for, how can I get that? Would creating my own "great" software be a good start?

14 years ago