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Recent posts by Phungsuk Wangdu

Well i guess they wont
if they warn i 'll change to ranccho
Thanks Raju for this
I guess It has also helped you to move out of garbage
Hey welcome to java ranch
Since there is no negative marking you must attempt all of the questions and must try to get them right.
here are your mock tests .
this include both free as well as paid mocks.
well you can solve the questions of the chapters that you have read so far in mocks.

They are not gonna ask that wat is hexadecimal of 12 or sumthin like that but there are methods like toHexString which convert decimal into hexadecimal you must know about these methods.they are given in chapter 3 of K & B.
hope this helps
Well there are a lot similar threads on this topic you should have searched forum for this..
but by the way the best book according to me is SCJP 6 by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates and also you can refer jls which is a online book by the sun itself..
but scjp go for book i suggested before...
Hope this helps
I picked this code from another fellow on JR forum

suppose named as Gc
we say Gc g=new Gc(new Gc(new Gc(null)))
Gc g=new Gc(new Gc(new Gc));
how many objects are created and how do you refer to those objects...

I am having problems with these questions.Can somebody help me with these..??
thanks for this extraordinary explanation now i can master such type of questions....
well a real cool movie...
I enjoyed it greatly ......aamir was just as best as he was in ghajini
14 years ago
well i think you shouls also checkout Sony PS2 and PS3
I have PS2 its good do have a lot of game titles available .Is very popular so wont be tough to find one.
and is not too costly
but if uyou want a real gaming experience go for XBOX or PS3
14 years ago