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Recent posts by Abimaran Kugathasan

Mohamed Sanaulla wrote:... UseCodeTags

I'm currently using Windows 7. Do anyone configured the Emacs for Clojure developments? Clojure Box is there, but, I need the manual way of configuration.

Thanks a lot!
12 years ago

Hama Kamal wrote:hi guys,,

in the SCJP6 book ,,,( by katy and bert ) >>>>page 133 >> rules for constructors:
i dont get the following two points could any one expalin it more with giving simple illustrating example for each!

1-Only static variables and methods can be accessed as part of the call to super()
or this(). (Example: super(Animal.NAME) is OK, because NAME is
declared as a static variable.)
2-You cannot make a call to an instance method, or access an instance variable,
until after the super constructor runs.

Please UseRealWords! Before creating an object, how can you access it's instance variables?
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