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Recent posts by Dennis Grimbergen

Hi Tushar ,

You could use an obfuscator. However, it's still possible to get your code if someone has the time and skills. It just makes it harder to read.
You could also encrypt your classes and write a custom ClassLoader which decrypts the classes just before they are loaded in the JVM. However, also this is not secure.

Tushar Goel that no one can decrypt it and read our code.

This is not possible.
8 years ago
I would like to know which questions I answered incorrectly, because now I'm not sure...
I don't care about a price (gift card drawing, whatever that might be).
8 years ago
I finished Java FT001. Then I wanted to do Java FT002 (and FT005). But the questions are the same?
8 years ago

Chan Duller wrote:

Don't iterate over a keySet and than do a 'get' in each iteration.
Iterate over the entrySet and then use the getKey() and getValue().

Your uninformative representation of MailItem is caused because of the toString() method. MailItem@3a4c56f1 is the result of the toString() method of class Object. This method prints the name of the class and then a @ and then the hexadecimal representation of the hashCode of that object.
If you want it to be more informative, than override the toString() method in MailItem.
8 years ago

Mojster Jaka wrote:Yes, but when user logs in i want to start my software and don't allow user to kill software (so i have to block task manager) or use windows until he pressed certain key on keyboard to stop my software and unblock windows.

Just out of curiosity, what is your software supposed to do?
8 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Dennis, I believe Ranch Hands are able to give a cow a day themselves

I didn't know that, but I read it somewhere on this site after you told me.
But I still have no idea how to give a cow?
8 years ago

Welcome. High quality first post (give this guy a cow for that?)

I want to tell you a little about how I became a java developer with a job. Maybe you find it useful.

I finished university in 2001 in biophysical chemistry. After that I worked 4.5 years as a PhD. During that time I started with java in my free-time as a hobby. Reading some tutorials and trying some small examples with a simple java IDE. During that time I liked to chat. Around the year 2000 java chat applets were all around. I wanted my own chat. And I wanted it that same day. Ofcourse because of my lack of skills it wasn't a success. So I kept on reading...always trying to use the code conventions and stuff. It took me a small year to be the proud owner of a working chat system. And then I thought...this can be I wrote a second version of the chatbox (eventually I wrote 5 versions in the end). It was fun and useful.

In 2006 my work in the laboratory ended as a PhD. Then I realized that I wanted to be a programmer, not a scientist. I applied for a junior java developer job. And I had print outs of my cool chat applets and an online stratego applet I had made. A picture says more than a thousand words. I got a contract for 6 months (at a very low salary, ±850 euro / 950 dollar, lower than what I had). But hey...I got a job as a developer. If you really want a change, it is an investment in your really is.

I understand that you call yourself an 'intermediate' level. That probably applies to your knowledge and skills using JavaSE. I had the same, and it was not correct. When you start with a job, you probably end up in a team of people, do all kinds of projects the same time. This project based working, like Agile/Scrum, or DevOps techniques (please look them up so you know what they mean (because you need that knowledge)), takes some time to get familiar with. When you start, you might feel a junior (which you more or less are at such moment).

If you think you have a decent knowledge of java and you are good at analyzing things in general, and you are decent in math, then you could be a good developer. Let your heart be your guide, because in the end you truly know if you are far enough to start a carreer in programming. A little hesitation is ok, it doesn't mean you aren't ready for it!)

I would hire you as a junior, because you show more passion than average.
8 years ago
Maybe have a look at JavaFX. Learning Swing/AWT nowadays is not very useful. It's outdated.
Unfortunately, in some countries Java 5 en 6 are pretty common, so it cant' be used.
9 years ago
Primitives don't have methods. You are calling charAt(0) on firstLetter, which is a primitive char.
What you try to do is comparing two chars. FirstLetter is already a char, so just compare userInput.charAt(0) with firstLetter.
9 years ago
Congratulations. Nice score
9 years ago

At line 3 you declare your String nextDate.
At line 9 you assign it with a value (which is the return value of the method).
Other than this, you don't use it. You don't use nextDate for comparison to another String, you don't use it by printing its value, and so on...

If you rewrite your method like this, than Eclipse will be happy.
9 years ago
Hi Jiri,

How is the assignment going? Did you already finish it or are you still busy with it?

If you want to remove an element of a collection during iteration, then explicitely use an iterator for your 'Set<String> yearAndFieldKeySet'.
During iteration you can call iterator.remove(element).
9 years ago

bairava surya wrote:
question:which of them is often thrown by the developer?

I think you mean it is caught by the developer, not thrown?

The answers to your other two questions should be rather simple to find.
9 years ago
Have a look at the API of
9 years ago