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since Oct 19, 2001
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Recent posts by sundari swamy

any reason why you want to use cookies? U can send those values as a queryString to the next page or servlet.
22 years ago
good effort, I feel the example page lacks

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22 years ago

Originally posted by sankar sv:
I am getting error when i tried to enter data into a column object. It
says "Inconsistent datatypes". Can u help me out?

post the structure of objects you have. What datatype are these elements

I feel the code given by James is a good start to work on with your requirements.
Few points I noted w.r.t James code , you also have to Prefix the Package name. And I guess the typecasting is also not required .(you have to hardcode the className for typecasting in this case. This wouldn't possibly help you to execute dynamically)
22 years ago

Originally posted by varkala prabhakar:
I request you to help me out to solve my problem,
I am trying to display the data from access and orace using ODBC , I get SQLException as:

Are yous sure this is how you wrote
aQuery="select merchantname form merchant;";
because the word "FROM" is typed wrongly as "FORM"
check it out :-)
Normally a error code "SQLCODE" would be returned. Depends on your database. It could be SQLCODE 100 ( this is for informix).
Which is for No data
what Db are you using?
What is the error message you are getting. Can you provide more detail on the error.

Originally posted by kshitij raval:
First of all adding a new column to the table:
alter table tableName add newFieldName newFieldType(size);
Then populating this new column with old column which we want to delete:
update table tableName set newFieldName = oldFieldName;
Then finally, delete the old column:
alter table tableName drop column oldFieldName;
alter table test add fldnew varchar(40);
update table test set fldnew=fld;
alter table test drop column fld;
with regards,
Kshitij Raval

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Sunil24 : what version of Oracle are you Using ?
To kshitij raval:
I think this is possible only with Oracle8i. Not on versions lesser than that.