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Recent posts by Amelia Ma

can any one make some comparations of these two exams? are the testing styles the same? which one in your opinion is more difficult? i mean i've been using java before, but for the scjp exam, i still need to study a lot, since it tests things that people usually won't code that way. or it's just test basic knowledge? thanks!

Ben Power wrote:It's a good score, no doubt. But passing is passing.

Better IMO to 1) list the cert, and 2) write some great code and have a website on your resume where they can view samples.

yes, very good suggestion. thanks.

Manish Awasthy wrote:Well I guess a pass is a pass .

But i seriously think that it is a good score
Congrtas for this.
n do share your experiences with us.

Hey, thanks.
i studied two books, the kb book for sure and the
A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification: A Comprehensive Primer (3rd Edition)
now when i look back, probably the kb books alone is enough for the exam. the second book tell you a lot more than the exam.
and DO CODE!!! i just compile and run code examples from the book and make modifications.
Hay, I just passed scjp 6.0 with 93%. is that a good enough score to put on resume? is it gonna be a plus or minus? thanks!
Thank you all for the help. i finally went through.

Hello *****,

You are receiving this message because Sun Microsystems, a US based company, is required by U.S. law to conduct a screen of all potential customers wishing to purchase technology (including technical training) from us. The U.S. State Department maintains a list (Denied, Restricted Parties List - DRPL) of people and companies with whom we are precluded from selling our technology. We are also barred from selling to potential customers from some countries unless they have an export permit and from other countries altogether, regardless of an export permit.

It has been determined that you are NOT a match to the DRPL. Your web account has been unblocked and you may now order Sun Training via our website or with a Sun Registrar at 1-800-422-8020 option 2.

Please Note: Your original order was NOT processed and NO charges were placed against your credit card.

We suggest you place your order with one of the Sun Registrars at 1-800-422-8020 option 2.

Your Student ID Number is ******.

The Registrar will ask you, " Are you a citizen or permanent resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria?"

That will be the quickest and most 'painless' avenue to complete an order.

If you choose to re-order online - DO NOT CHANGE any information that you initially used ie: username, first and last name, street address, e-mail address, company name and etc. If any of that information changes you may be flagged by the DRPL again as a possible match and you will need to be 'cleared' a second time.

We apologize for any inconvenience,

Sun Education
Hi Ben, thank you very much for such a detailed instruction. if sun won't give me the export clearance today, i will definately buy the voucher from the prometric site. it's just too much trouble to work through with them. I came from China. But I'm a US citizen and live in the US now. My name is Chinese. But I don't think China is in any embargo list of America, right?

Laiq Ahmed wrote:Guys,

I am new here so please excuse me for my very basic questions

Exam will be conducted on computer of on answer paper sheets?
When will I know the result after taking the exam?
When I'll get my certificate (if I pass and I hope so ).


so you haven't taken the exam yet? you guys are so smart. i should have done the same thing, purchase a voucher earlier!
so after you registered at sun's web site, you can purchase any product you want immediately?
did you have this problem?
after i rgeistered, i can't purchase any thing. what's wrong?!
and are there a long waiting list for the exam appointment?
where did you guys get your voucher? will the voucher be mailed to you or it's an electronic one? how long do i need to wait to take the exam after i got the voucher? thanks
is this the test centre web site? how come i can't find the scjp 6.0 test there? can any body who have taken the exam give some information about whole registration procedure? there is surprisingly more trouble than i expected. how is every one else purchased his/her voucher?

Ben Power wrote:

Amelia Ma wrote:
- A required Reverse DNS lookup failed.

A reverse DNS lookup works like this:

- you request a voucher
- Sun looks up your geographic location based on your IP address (the Internet address of the computer you're using)
- Sun gets the information they need, and they issue the voucher.

If the DNS lookup fails for a technical reason (such as a firewall configuration? I'm not a security expert) it may deny you the voucher. I would call Prometric on the phone and buy the voucher that way (or one of the many other ways such as 3rd party site). It's too much work to troubleshoot if you can work around it.


thank you for the advice, but how come i can't find scjp 6.0 exam from the prometric web site? is this the right place i suppose to go?

Raju Champaklal wrote:well...check out and go to the scjp section...check for the price them and ask for the voucher...the voucher they provide is legal....and you can take the exam within 2 days you buy a voucher i think.....or maybe 1 week....ask them....just start a new thread...asking for where to buy a voucher from in usa....

thanks for the help. i guess i will wait sun's reply for a couple of days first. didn't expect such trouble to purchase the exam in the first place.

Raju Champaklal wrote:then why are you buying the voucher from sun...there must be other prometric centers selling the voucher...or other valid sites like

i didn't know that. how does the whole thing work? i thought sun is the only place. where else can i purchase the exam? are there price difference? after i purchase the exam, can i take the exam immediately? or is there a waiting line? i can't find any thing relate to this in the faq. this is really frustrating. can any one who took the exam talk about the whole procedure?
i called them during lunch break today. the representative was not patient and seems didn't know much either. he just told me to waiting for the check result. but i would like to know why they check me. do they check every body? i do have a chinese name. do they check every one with a foreign name? i really hope i can take the exam as soon as possible. i've been preparing for this for 5 months. and i need the certificate to apply for some opening. and i feel i'm forgetting every thing i've learned.

Raju Champaklal wrote:who is message for?