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Recent posts by Jeevan Reddy

perfection! congrats
13 years ago
Larsen, Thanks a lot for the link.
It clearly explains how to enable security for jmx and web consoles, though I had intended to disable security altogether.
Instead I have enabled and I am able to login and view JMX and WEB consoles.

one clarification needed. In the link it is given that by default security is disabled. It doesn't appear like that with - jboss-eap-4.3

But my issue is resolved. Thanks a lot for the help
13 years ago

I have installed jboss-eap-4.3 and running the default server with JDK5.0_11.
Server starts without errors with the command -c default.

When I attempt to to view JBoss Web Console in http://localhost:9080/, it asks for password.
I tried admin/admin but it doesn't work.

Looked at the properties files in conf\props, and added a user user1/user1 in And restarted the server.
I still can not login to the server.

Please help
13 years ago
Thanks a lot guys.
I had not seen the workbook towards the end of the book. Following your replies I checked, and now I was able to deploy it on Jboss application server.

copy oracle jar to the jboss server lib directory
create datasource file and deploy it in the deploy directory
copy titan.jar and start the application server.

Now application server started, without issues.

Rajeev Rnair wrote:Hello Jeevan, Please check whether your JBoss is up and running fine. I am using ver 4.2.3 and as Frits mentioned, use J2EE5.

You can download all code examples in OReilly book from the oreilly web site. Try to configure "ant" and use "build.xml" for compiling and deployment, it will make life more easier. For development you can either use Notepad++ or Eclipse , both of which are free. Once you download the code, compare it with your code, configuration etc and see where you are getting issues. I was able to run pretty much all code samples in the book.

Good luck!

Hi Rajeev, thanks for the info. I will download and attempt with that.

Frits Walraven wrote:Hi Jeevan,

What version of Jboss did you download? Are you also using Jdk5.0 as there is a problem with jdk6.0?


I am using jboss-eap-4.3 with JDK6.0. Is that an issue? Should I use JDK5.0 instead?

I recently started preparing for SCBCD. Currently stuck on Chapter 4 of OReilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3.0.5th.Edition.
If someone is also preparing for the certification, and preferably reading the same book, we can help each other during the preparation.


Just started preparing for SCBCD and new to EJB, deployment.
I am following "OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans.3.0.5th.Edition May.2006" to prepare for SCBCD.
As given in Section 4.2, titan.jar is created with the following contents

contents of persistence.xml

It is given in the book, to deploy titan.jar and access through a client java code.
To deploy, I have copied titan.jar to jboss deployment directory. But when the server is started, it gives lot of erros.
If someone had followed the book and was able to deploy and start the server. Please inform me what I am doing wrong. Also note that I am beginner in the course.


Abimaran Kugathasan wrote:

Jeevan Reddy wrote:Which book do you follow for preparation?
I am reading OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0"

JavaBeans for SCWCD?No way, I think, you are referring SCBCD!

You are right. I am sorry.
I am preparing for SCBCD. Thanks for pointing out.
Which book do you follow for preparation?
I am reading OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0
It is provided in the jdbc jar provided by different vendors oracle, db2 etc.
If you have the software, you can open the jar and see the implementation for them.

Thanks for posting them. It should be useful to us
13 years ago
For that experience and if you are good at your job, what you are currently paid doesn't do justice.
My company would pay you at least 9.5LPA. Why don't you try in my company
13 years ago
of course, you are! best of luck for the exam