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since Nov 11, 2009
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Recent posts by Michele Palmia

thank you for the advices and for the code. The problem I described is solved with your new setup!
It was very useful to see a well coded but simple Dialog. thank you!

13 years ago
thank you for the answer!
this is what I've done, hope you can help me!

13 years ago
My JScrollPane works properly with scrollbars etc., but I have a big problem.
When the initial viewPoint is created, everything is ok, but if I scroll down, I would expect to see the hidden contents (I have a long list o JPanels with FlowLayout on Y-Axis) but... nothing is shown!
To view the "new" contents, I have to resize my window... and it's not very smart.
How can I solve this? It doesn't seem to be a particular problem of my PC or my OS because examples (java applets) on the Sun page are ok!

thank you
13 years ago
Hi everyone, this is my first time here and this is my problem.

I have an URL like this
that, if called, redirect on
that is a RIA that, after charging, plays a song (an unique song, and after that it stops)

I would like to reproduce this audio clip in a Java application, but I don't absolutely know how to do it: I thought that with the JMF would be great but I don't know if the framework can "capture" the audio from the web... it's not a real stream, it's a internet flash application that reproduce music... it's like a youtube player: I don't think I can capture audio from there!
Can you help me? A class, a package, something for running this? Or documentation/guide/tutorial about this kind of problems...

Thank you

(Sorry for the bad english)
13 years ago