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Recent posts by PrasannaKumar Sathiyanantham

Please see my below code

This program compiles and prints the value without errors. My doubt is points variable of enum suite is private. So when I access it directly in the line 13, Why does it not throw any error ?
Hi Everyone,

I have written a custom annotation which i have included below

I wrote a separate class while uses the above annotation. This class uses two more annotations defined by me, but i have not included them since they have the same structure as the above one except that they are for methods and instance variables.

I have also written a main Class described below

What happens is that my Main class calls the Handler class which handles the annotation in the AnnotationUser class. I have included the handler class below

My concern is this, I have called the Handler class to handle the annotations used by the AnnotationUser from my Main. The point to note here is this: My handler class has been hardcoded with the Class name that i must check for annotations. I may look it up from a xml property file but i believe it negates the entire use of annotations.What i mean is, i am working on a big project and i have defined custom annotations to be used by my team members. How to automate the handling of those custom annotations that are in my source code(without the program calling the handler and the handler knowing beforehand the classes which uses the annotations)?Is it possible to add these Custom Annotations and their Handlers(defined by me) to the Compiler so that when i compile i dont have to specifically call the handler , rather the compiler will check the files for annotations and call the appropriate annotationhandler(Ex:suppresswarning annotation).

Again sorry for the big thread, just wanted to make myself clear.

13 years ago
Hi Everyone,

In our project , we are using weblogic as our application server. the admin server is crashing a number of times, so we want to take a thread dump.

We gave kill -3 <process id of the server>

But we dont know where the output is getting directed. We were told that the dump will be placed in nohup.out file in the server log location but when we checked there, we had no such file.

Can you please help me for redirecting the thread dump?

Is there any setup configuration in which we can direct the thread dump output?
13 years ago
Hi i am starting in JSF.

while i was going to through apache myfaces site i came across Tomohawk, Trinidad.
Also apache core1.2 and like that.

Can you guys please eloborate what these are? and also how they interact with one another..

And also what is the position of IceFaces here..

I know the basics of JSF like we have core JSF and HTML JSF...

please help me guys
13 years ago
Hi while reading the book -Appress Spring Recipes- A problem solution Approach i came across the ways of creating beans using static factory method....

I will give the source code below for easy understanding

The abstract class Product

The subclass Dvd

The subclass Battery

The factory method implementor class ProductCreator

the beans.xml

the main class which creates the beans

My doubt is this guys if i comment the Application Context line still i get the correct output.

What is the use of the factory method and what happens when the ApplicationContext line is called?

What i mean is if i call ProductCreator.createProduct("aaa") i am going to get a bean so what is the use of the factory-method declared in the beans.xml file?

What does the factory-method in the beans.xml signify?

How does it affects my program?

Please help me here.........

Sorry if i have given the entire source code..
13 years ago
Hi guys,

I recently bought a sony yari phone based on java.

Can you guys please tell me any jar files with which i can play video files (.avi,.mpeg) if available and also for reading pdf files.

I had never had this kind of phone before(earlier only text message phone those kind) please help me

I hope i have posted in the correct forum region.
13 years ago
The Timer class performs the following function

it takes two arguments.

The first one says the number of milliseconds for which you want an exception(in this case an action) to be thrown. The second argument is the one which handles that action.

After 10 seconds the timer class throws an event(an action, or an exception or an interrupt any thing you wish) which is caught by the listener class and processed.

I hope this helps
13 years ago

First please forgive me for the class names and the method names.
'My doubt is in class A the method "print" is declared protected .
So when class B inherits the Class A the method "print" becomes private in class B.
then when i execute B b=new B(); b.print(); in line 1 the sompiler must throw an error saying trying to access a private method.

But this code executed perfectly.

Please tell me what i have missed.
you have to understand the reason why a field is deemed public or private.

The main advantage of java is its reusability of classes. say that you are writing a class to calculate simple interest. The class itself cannot run but you have to call the class from another class with main method to run it.

Now the simple interest class have three parameters principal,no of years and rate of interest(you know them). If they are public there is a chance that they can be changed directly byt the user. But declaring them private forces the user to call the getter and setter method to change the value and prevents the user from unknowingly change the vaue of the fields.

Also according to the java bean specification a java bean class must use the gettter and setter methods for a private variable

Hope you understand.

It is difficult to understand the significance now but while doing a project you will understand the need
14 years ago
Also getter and setter methods are an integral part of a java bean.

14 years ago
hi everyone,

I am using weblogic workshop 9.2 earlier i used workshop 10 but due to compatibility reasons i switched over to 9.2

when i try to create a project using 9.2 i am gettting the following error

error converting url to uri and also when i create a porject i am not getting the src folder at all

When i try to create a dynamic web project i am getting the following error

Failed while installing XMLBeans Library 2.0.
Error installing XMLBeans libraries
Error converting URL to URI.
Error converting URL to URI.

also when i try to open a existing project i am getting the same error.

In short i am not able to view the src folder at all

Please help me guys
14 years ago
Thank you Maneesh and Rob Prime. I will implement it today and get back to you guys.
14 years ago